What do you mean by the phrase counter-intuitive?

Counter-intuitive is a phrase that’s becoming more well-known, perhaps it’s already a meme-in-process, in the popular culture of words, persuasions, political rhetoric, & advertisements-all by big money propositions.
If this meme, counter-intuitive, keeps expanding, perhaps it will impact the spiritual consciousness, taking up a greater proportion of the pie than before, “eating up” the disbelievers who make themselves a human barricade, torching themselves with flames of materiality & consumeristic consciousness.
But, in something that is other than what may seem to fit the boundaries of consumeristic consciousness and does this mean it registers as a dissenting, resulting, adversarial, & unconventional view of life? No. Not at all.
More incrementally defined, something at the other end of the continuum of Counter-intuition, might have more of a scientific, behavioral & factual constellation than an intuitional one.

Are both of these two views able to give more of holistic image? In my experience, no.

If these two views can’t fit & adjust to living on two sides of one coin, one must drop out, & we stand here with our mouths buffing the floor, about to get back out the door, need I say more? Except that metal coins would be hard to meet out with only the one side, the other does the two-step slide, coins that even if visible are existence-less, a mere hallucinatory field day, with purpose or a come-on, to me that sounds like a good game-can I play?
Life goes on & on this way ostensibly forever, with the same games-only the cast & plot has changed, but the universals bare a creative person silly.

One the other side of that green-blue door lies another alternative.
Is Counter-intuition the same as counter-intellectual, or something different? How would you put it in your own words? What cognitive as well as emotional responses do you feel in your felt body sensations?

The factual existence of energies coming in our direction all day long, can be documented by technologies; yet, they remain unseen to the human eye of the average human on earth. What I’ve just written in this paragraph I, s that technical research can map the elements of what we term energy, & we can tell stories about our encounters with the life-force & natural systems.

What about Counter-intuition interacting with an entity called Counter-Illusion? If something comes into existence through one’s intuition, and intuition as it’s defined as a feeling, a sense, or a felt body sensation & it rings true or appears as a solution, can’t it just as easily flow out the same way it flowed in, like an emotion?

Yes, & that’s exactly my point. Any of the causal domains could trigger an action or be a stimulus that may appear to be a bonafied action in time-space, but may actually mark our screens as an illusion, a figment of our imagination, dream-image a funny tale, a “wanna be” dream, a scene from a movie we saw years ago, an irrational “pipe-dream,” (dream can be at night or come as a day-dream), an unrequited love, giving from our own reservoir of good will & finding no return, only draught.

I think the exercise of viewing issues from many angles, generating many questions & anti-questions, etc., can be extremely enlightening. It’s part of the Big Mind processes each one of our organisms makes up the Big Mind.

©Christopher Bear-Beam February 10, 2016