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Sixteen years as a co-facilitator by The Center for the Healing of Racism, Houston, Texas( .  Bear has co-facilitated many Dialogue: Racism Sessions (a standard model of training used by The Center for the Healing of Racism) with civic groups, corporate groups (the Center trained members of  Shell Oil’s Diversity Council), educators, graduate students,  students K-College, criminal justice professionals, human services professionals, law enforcement and public safety professionals, women (mainly) in domestic violence safe houses and shelters, citizens in Texas and other states, volunteers, international journalists,  government entities (such as the IRS), faith communities, etc.

Other hats: poet, spoken word artist drumming with poetry on Oso made by Bear, favorite art genre–designing mandalas, co-partner with Nature

Published Author: three books published by www.Xlibris.Com (go to website and click on author ikon and put in my name (Christopher Bear-Beam) and you can find excerpts from my three books: 1).  The Crazymaking Disease (how racism or any other “ism” affects our personal and cultural mental health); 2).  The Golden Window of Silence (silence has healthy and unhealthy uses; unhealthy uses are often the weapons of oppressive hierarchies; healthy silence has powerful contemplative outcomes; 3).  The Invisible Warrior (this is my personal narrative of what it was like being a Conscientious Objector during the Viet Nam War); currently working on a book that will be entitled:  The Trauma of Spiritual Abuse within Religious Systems and Non-Religious Systems.

In addition to writing poetry, articles and books, I am also the free lance blogger.  If you know of people or companies who need someone to write blogs for them, please feel free to pass along my contact information:

Christopher Bear-Beam, MA, CPS


Pamela Mahraiah Brouker has a Masters Degree in Special Education, and worked in that field in San Antonio, Texas

Pamela is an ordained priest, graduating from the Luthern Hispanic Studies Program at the Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, Texas; she is a priest in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America), and has served as an intern in a Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado, and pastored a church in Galveston, Texas, as well as doing other interim roles in congregational care and liturgy for a number of churches in the Austin Region.  She received training in anti-ism work through the Center for the Healing of Racism, Houston, Texas; she is a poet, visual artist and a film maker, producing her film In the Mourning of the Eye (see more on the film in Projects).  Pamela has also engaged with interfaith groups in the Austin area, having strong skills in inter-religious dialogue and facilitation of groups. She has had leadership responsibilities with Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera, an Austin-based nonprofit that has collaborated and dialogued with community activists on the border, observing and advocating for worker’s rights in the maquiladoras, in locations along the Mexico-Texas border.  

Presently she has been a chaplain with Hospice Austin for two years, and has led bereavement groups and art as therapy groups for Hospice Austin.

Pamela’s email:

Drink and Ink’s entreprenuer, catalyst and creative spirit is Genevieve Davenport.  She is originally from San Antonio, but has been an Austinite for some time.  Gen, as her friends call her, is gifted as a cello player, playing in innovative ways, always it seems taking risks to push the envelope.  She has played with Gary Davenport (her dad), and his variety of bands in the San Antonio and Austin areas.

Gen, despite a busy life of taking classes in the Nursing field at Austin Community College, began Drink and Ink a year ago (see more on how Drink and Ink started by going to the side bar and clicking on Drink and Ink).  Recently Gen, Pamela and Bear have started a journey to cultivate how D&I might do more community work.  The process has now taken us to explain what we have talked about to the D&I crowd, to see how they feel about this approach, if they would want to be a part of the “art team” and get their ideas on how to do that.  We’ll let you know more as it crystallizes and evolves.  We encourage others to attend D&I (see the side bar), and engage.  Should you wish to contact Gen by email, and get on a D&I Elist, her address is:

New Bear Rising

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