Impeachment For Trump

We definitely need to ‘dump trump’ through impeachment.  In case, this bozo (I won’t disdain anyone by using the term ‘politician’),  because he’s not/ that-at this point he’s just like any other crook (rich or poor) whose done something that’s constitutionally is liable for impeachment; impeachment is the ultimate dissent (sorry, Donald, I know you don’t like this word, but it’s only one of the bases of our Democracy, which is a government for and by the peeps [in case you forgot],  of which  you’re definitely not), and the final justice that we presently need.  Not only presently, but for a growing future, Neo-Fascist government, that Trump and his politico-religio puppets, are presently building.  I demand this corrupt person to be impeached!  If you can, please forward this onto others.  Ask them verbally or in writing to pass it along.  Contact Rep. Al Green (D-Houston) about his plans to impeach in the house; find out more so that you can do as much as you can to communicate and disseminate this information.  Republican sources will try to ditch you, of course and also Religious Right Fundies.

And Democrats: you’re a sorry shame for an oppositional party, you’re being so wimp, weak-kneed about this.  You got to do the right thing for the country, knuckleheads.  If you’re damn tired of seeing your country “not great” do something about it.  Step up to the plate, Democrats-I used to consider myself a democrat if I could find no other good Independents,  but your actions make me want to puke!  You ain’t your paycheck, dudes, you are elected officials.  So act like it!  Impeach Trump!  The blood (or the makeup) will be on  your hands.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot to tell you, for a while every other blog I write will be about impeachment!  We got to kick this fucker in gear!