Drink and Ink

New Bear Rising is partnering with Drink  and Ink to promote the arts in a very intimate way.  Drink and Ink came into being out of the heart of Genevieve Davenport.  She is a gifted cellist, and often  plays with her dad, Gary Davenport who is also a musician.  Genevieve (her friends call her Gen) envisioned a family-style atmosphere, so she began using her home creating a space of freedom and kinship in which performers give renditions of their favorite genre–poetry, acting, music, dance, performance art, storytelling.  At the start of each Drink and Ink, Gen reads a cowboy  poem.

Prior to the beginning of each Drink and Ink people share bring food and beverages, and after mealtime folks volunteer to do what they brought to do.  As the performance progresses, someone begins a poem on a piece of paper, and each person in the circle gets to add to it. It’s read at the closing of Drink and Ink.

My own experience as a poet and drummer is that relationships and knowing others gives me the freedom to try new things.  My initial reaction is to escape and not do what I want to try. In many ways I’m very shy and self-conscious which comes out of my own perfectionism.    As I keep returning  to Drink and Ink, the acceptance of the group as companions along the way, gives me the courage to “go with my gut.” I’ve grown in many ways because I’ve engaged myself totally to the process and energy  that comes alive when we all get together. The last piece I did in storytelling mode I was very anxious about doing, and I blew it off several times before I felt a calmness about it–I think it worked well.  It was based on a short story I wrote called Cloud Cover.

Drink and Ink meets the third Tuesday every month at 7:00PM. Each Drink and Ink is held in someone’s home, but there is no pressure for anyone to offer their home as a meeting place.  If you would like to subscribe to an Elist that Gen sends out every month, just an email to her at: gen.davenport@yahoo.com.

We are collaborating with Drink and Ink to do some projects in the community, combining art and service.  Stay tuned for more information on this

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