Cultural Competency Helps Us To Share Our Each Other

Community is a very integral part of my identity; because of the drive to formulate my own identity.

As a result, I’ve found myself in circumstances where folks needed to find a way to come together, with an understanding of the dynamics of Conflict Resolution, and action steps to take back to their group or into the community.

This piece of community, belongingness is a key to any group’s growth & wellness.  If you don’t have a community or group you can trust, just begin looking again-something will turn up.

Do you remember when you were a kid, but hadn’t yet any real picture of an African-American or a Latina-American, or maybe even skin color was not yet registering with your brain?  We played fairly cooperatively until some infraction between playmates, caused harmony to come to a crashing stop-but usually only for a while, we made-up, then the game started again.

For a lot of years, I’ve been thinking about the fact that I might bring many diverse ethnicities together, but even more powerful to me, is the amount of resources that could  be shared as cultures form relationships of understanding, respect & equality.  A Competency of Community.

Many corporate entities are transitioning to having a stronger “base line” in Cultural Competency, Diversity, & Inclusion, finding that it’s good for the entire, corporate structure of their company, as well as their economic growth.  It sends a message to other companies that this is the heart of our corporation. We value Cultural Competency, Diversity, & Inclusion.

But isn’t the real reason I’m writing this blog; I don’t support a Capitalistic model, attempting to increase their sales, through their quasi-image as an “open” and “inclusive,” yet still using workers as new-age-elves & grunts, to get the work done for them.  I’m writing because I think that Cultural Competency will help us to learn about ourselves, one another, and the whole planet.

An example is that of opening up cultural doors, with different cultures that we know very little about.  Who are these red & brown skinned people who were in this land way before we got here? One documentary described their culture as “foreign.”  And, it’s not too far off; silence, oppression, trauma to adults & children, a different language & customs. All of these behaviors are tinged with the pain they received from the colonizers.

Going to where they (POC)* hang out, and spend a lot of time; a better remedy than inviting them to your place; more discomfort, self-consciousness, and fear are often the biggest elephant in the room.

Many POC* are defending themselves from previous wounds & hurts to their person; then there are the ongoing microaggressions.  These are the small, knife-stabbing dissings of one’s racial identity, that repeat themselves endlessly.  This type of relationship takes genuine time & patience.

If nationalities, or nations, could come together, with willing & energetic spirits, & center themselves in our common


In our common genetic


As humans, one of our roles, I believe, is to internalize oneness, that’s to say, that we are one, human race (although some scientists think that they’re may be “sub-races” (not “less than,” but farther down the human family tree).

Once oneness is internalized, it’s a genuine consciousness-change-the telescope through which we know more clearly & comprehensively.

Another way to say what happens in the process is; a change to a more steady increase of knowledge & awareness of self & others.

Cultural Competency is about learning, in a practical way, another culture’s (and all this entails) inter-&-intra-cultural-communication, the walls of assumed obstacles blocking greater communication with POCs & other groups.

As we bring a caring, close, intimate, listening presence, we also are allowing the vacuum to be filled with unconditional love, info, understanding, knowledge, & acceptance.  

Sometimes a person may feel all of their parts are lining up a certain way; this moveable alignment is an alignment with all your parts & dimensions, including your inner parts, your intuitions, your feelings, your visions & dreams, paranormal experiences, your psyche, ego, good-self/bad-self, etc.  What a serene surreal setting!


Internalize Oneness!

Look over these-they’re gonna share their resources so by sharing, everyone will have more!  Ditto! Same! Yay, I’m in the game!

Enough food grown to feed

All peoples atop this earth/one condition\can this be the thing that gets me one more week of summer vacation?

Think of the resources that have probabilities to be shared, traded, and utilized as an international broker, etc.  Resources may include:

  1. Physical
  2. Material
  3. Human
  4. Mental
  5. Healthcare
  6. Humanitarian Aid
  7. Immaterial
  8. Spiritual
  9. Trust
  10. No Military

*POC stands for people of color

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Comedian Uses Talents To Help Raise Money For Vets

Although this event is past, I wanted to share it, in order that readers would learn more about the AMVETS Club, very active in this area.

The “Laugh For Vets” comedy fundraiser was held on March 9, 2019, sponsored by AMVETS Club, 147 Alfred St., Biddeford, ME, helping to raise money for the VA Medical Center (TOGUS) in Augusta.

George Hamm, a comic, was the headliner, accompanied by other poets from surrounding areas who also offered to help.

Hamm (a Vet himself who served in the Marines) is an AMVETS member, and also a Biddeford resident; he said he was happy to donate his time to raise money for a cause he takes special in-assisting with needs of patients in the Mental Health Unit at the VA hospital at TOGUS.

The principal organizer for the event was Robin Delage and was assisted by Mike Daigle.
Another Improv continues this weekend: (“Spring Fling”)

Maine Rep and the American Chamber of Comedy have added a couple of shows this weekend. The ACC has a show with performances at 8:00 PM Friday, April 12 & 7, & at 9:15 PM for Saturday, April 13. The organizers, and co-founder Steve Burnette of the event are working with Biscuits & Company, to hold a special, spring chicken, dinner-theater package.

The theater used for this event is located at the Pepperell Mill, 40 Main St. downtown Biddeford.

For ticket info or to find out more, go to or call (207) 205-6201. Maine Repertory Theater encourages nonperishable food items for the Biddeford & Saco food pantries.  A great way for organizations & communities to help who’re going through tough times.

Sub-quality VA facilities & services at VA nursing home in Brockton, MA

Six Vet groups, representing five million members, are calling for the Federal government to investigate this issue (other Vet groups around the country have launched into the “investigating” mode), i.e., the inferior conditions of nursing homes, and any abuse that’s taken place.

The overall group includes Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Viet Veterans of America, AmVets, and the Legion

Is this another indictment for the end of this VA culture as we know it, and the beginning of a new culture?

Last week, The Boston Globe and USA Today, reported on the VA’s own findings of “blatant disregard for veteran safety” at the Brockton home. Another case of the system devouring the system.

The report was written by The Boston Globe and USA Today and also revealed that VA care was worse than private nursing homes, according to the “agency’s own internal ratings, which were secret for years” (The Boston Globe, November 20, 2018. Veterans groups demand US improve nursing home care. Andrea Estes & Donovan Slack, pp.1A,5A).

The VA has 133 nursing homes across the nation that serve 46,000 veterans annually. Newly released VA data from these nursing homes show that 95 of them-about 71 percent-scored worse than private nursing homes on a majority of quality indicators, such as rates of infection, etc.

Many Veterans are outraged as this travesty of health care, including the many in the groups mentioned above. Veterans families need to know they have the highest quality health care available; unfortunately this has hampered the VA’s rating, in that many people I talk to, tell me that they can’t yet get the most recently developed technology due to budget constrictions.

Being an empath I intuitively pick-up on emotional and other kinds of messages in varied environments. When I go to the different VAs that I go to for appointments, I feel like I’m a second-class citizen, “less than,” and I sense other people’s’ intuitions, emotionalities, egos, and selves may feel that way too. I say this, because we’re talking about how a specific culture functions and relates to one another.

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Creative Vets Awarded In the 2018 Creative Arts Festival

Vets who participated in the 2018 Creative Arts Festival, and placed in Gold, Silver and Bronze, were given certificates and medals by Dan Dücker, Interim Chief of VA Togus, with Courtney Oliver and Liz Marrone assisting.

The driving, human force the Festival are Liz Marrone and Courtney Oliver, Recreational Therapists, who work at Togus.

Their passionate energy for the Creative Arts Festival is testified to by all the Vets who’ve applied to be a participant in the Festival.

In their remarks, both women commented that it had been a stellar year-the Creative Writing entries increased over 2017.

The favorite Windy Ridge Blue Grass Band, won two Golds, one in the Folk/Bluegrass/Country/Pop for a tune called “Railroad Line;” they won another Gold for Special Recognition with “Trucker and the UFO.”

Members of the WRBGB are: Mama Beth Revels-Guitar (Mama was recently elected as the President of the Bluegrass Music Association; Steve Davis-bango; “Frank” Woodard-Bass fiddle; and Jim Chard-Mandolin.

Daeven Dreezer and Mary Jane McLoon attended in their always, supportive way-from the American Legion Auxiliary.

Not to forget our unofficial “official” camera person, Allison. Thanks Allison!

Christopher Bear-Beam won the Gold at the national level, in his Creative Writing performance of a poem entitled “White.”

The 2019 Creative Arts Festival will be held some time in February (TBA).

This might be a good time, if you’re a creative Vet, to think of something you’d like to read, perform, do, your choice; it can be something you wrote that you have an intensity with which to perform.

Focus on your inner brainstorming for ideas to elaborate your goals for your own art, performed at the 2019 Creative Arts Festival.

Maybe you know another Vet, that you can work as a team in preparation in a “buddy system.” I betcha it could be a lot of fun!

I’m guessing that next year will be even better!

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Dis Da Kind a White I Wannabe


you can be any kinda white
you want to be, any kind at all,
you got differently-hued/hewn whites from
all parts of the world, but they ain’t white unless the average
Joe white dude says so, but, dig, you got the
priv. recycling you to ROYGBIV, SHIT, GO OUT AND LIVE;


but just like you got different interps of the same biblical verse,
or any other piece of da Holy Writ, in a rainbow-eclectic manner,so you got diverse interps of whites, my Boo!


So, bro, don’t let those outside/inside voices in the virtual marketplace tell
you what kind of white to be, choose the path least taken, the one in the
overgrown forest, Like Robert Frost wrote about, where it breaks in two, walk that
way, shit, carry your own individual, protest sign.


“I be the white kind\the-kind-to-me-kind,”
because the kind of what I wannabe
is like you, Mr. Black or Mr. White, Mr.
Right or Mr. Wrong, or whoever you wannabe,
just like you, Mr.White, a professional, football referee!
(Big tips on the side! Gee!)


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Trusting Her Gut

Kelly Taxter is vibrantly enthusiastic (maybe I should re-write that to say bombastic) for the work she does (primarily youth from K-12), and from looking at all the positive feedback she’s observed, and its growing pace is steadily climbing.

It was Kelly’s vision & impassioned work that led her to leave Maine, to a job in Social Work in Virginia. After working in that system for awhile, she began to feel like she wasn’t being as effective in helping families. Part of this came from a large, government department that required so many requirements, that she felt as if it was slowing and bogging her down.

She decided to move back to Maine, start making community and resource connections, looking at other programming models, as well as continuing to create her own.
Trusting Your Gut, fits Kelly’s own sense of understanding of the body-mind connection; to trust your gut means first to trust & listen, to your own insides, your ideas, your values, your own personal power, your insights, your spirituality, and your play & creativity.

Think of this! If we can trust our own guts, do you think it may be easier to do that with others entertwined with all our relationships?

Isn’t giving kind & compassionate support and reinforcement feel good? There’s always a positive reward or pay-off for us; this happens due to activity, mindfulness, processing in community and kicks into our brain-chemistry, which means it can have long-term, healthy results.

Anytime we help someone else there’s an inside pay-off-since we’re giving it in outward ways to others. Wouldn’t it make sense if there was a good reward of changes in our brain-chemistries that bring pleasant feeling and healthy thoughts?

Ms. Taxter uses Four Core Concepts in her work: These Four Core Concepts of Trust Your Gut are: 1). My Story-patterns of experiences, emotions, memories-let go of those that don’t serve you well; 2). My Body-treat it with kindness, movement & nutrition; 3). My Voice-assistance to participants with help finding their voice and expressing it; 4). My Tribe-taking what we’ve learned about ourselves & realizing we have more power than we think, as well as choose.

Youth have found their way to Trust Your Gut in various ways, hearing about it word of mouth, referrals from schools, perhaps law enforcement, and Kelly’s own dynamic interfacing with others.

A typical training, used by Kelly, would consist of debriefing a journal entry that someone had written during the week. Kelly noted that this is one of the most key pieces, because participants can use something from a page in a book through self-expression & self-reflection. This activity lasts around twenty minutes.

Other activities include stretching movements, and this also helps participants to be aware of their bodies; guided meditation and mindfulness is used; these activities are often blended with other movement activities. Mindfulness has become so much more prevalent in our culture, that there are many Mindfulness resources available now.
I asked Kelly that if a young person were to use their empowered voice to change or modify their behaviors, within their own family system and what might happen. We agreed, that this could be a possible entryway to changing a family’s system, because the new behavior demonstrated by a son or a daughter may have the impact of effecting the entire system. I’ve observed this time and again with the groups with whom I’ve worked.

The importance of the body-mind connection is key for youth; their bodies are going through all types of cellular, emotional physiological and development changes. So, for all of us, are bodies are sensitive to sensory inputs, and theirs are perhaps even more sensitive.

As a writer, I always use the hyphen between “body” and “mind.” The reason for this is that the hyphen alerts us to the fact that body and mind are so elemental, they could never be separated. The hyphen additionally shows that they’re interdependent-you can’t have one without the other.

My conversation with Kelly was fun, encouraging, warm laughs, and always educational, because of what I’ve learned. Personally, I hope to be able to support Trust Your Gut, in the ways I can best do that. Have you ever thought about volunteering? Trust Your Gut may be the place where you can do that.

Contact Info: Kelly Taxter, Trust Your Gut, 155 Orchard, Cumberland, ME 04021; 207-274-9462; E:; You can find us on Facebook.

Not Just About Selena Williams’ Behavior On Court-It’s About Power

The story about Selena Williams’ so-called “outburst” on court is saturating the Internet. The most recent “retaliation” by officials was that tennis umpires are saying they want to create a union for themselves, as well as threatening to boycott Ms. Williams’ games. Wow-are these umpires adults or kids? No, I forget, most are probably white.

This tells me one thing: this isn’t only about Selena Williams-it’s about power. Power usually proceeds from envy (they may not like a black woman being so dominant in their “white” game), or another way to put it she’s a stereotype threat to them. And she’s probably not going away soon.

The fact that Selena Williams had the balls to use the “S” (sexism) word was more of a stop-sign-‘thus far and no further’ was her statement.

I think the best way to view this is that a black woman in a “white supremacist” world of sport-culture-no, excuse me, it’s about her asserting her own power.

The other thing that bothers me about this incident, is when is not the time to assert that your Civil Rights are being taken advantage of, or suppressed. In this case, the umpire suppressed Selena by “stealing” points from her, as she saw it, that caused her the game. I mean, please, the time to do it was when it happened, and Serena followed-through on this.

So, if folks are getting their panties in a wad-tough shit! I mean, we still do have Civil Rights in this nation, don’t we? copyright:christopherbearbeam_09142018

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