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Cultural Competency Helps Us To Share Our Each Other

Community is a very integral part of my identity; because of the drive to formulate my own identity.

As a result, I’ve found myself in circumstances where folks needed to find a way to come together, with an understanding of the dynamics of Conflict Resolution, and action steps to take back to their group or into the community.

This piece of community, belongingness is a key to any group’s growth & wellness.  If you don’t have a community or group you can trust, just begin looking again-something will turn up.

Do you remember when you were a kid, but hadn’t yet any real picture of an African-American or a Latina-American, or maybe even skin color was not yet registering with your brain?  We played fairly cooperatively until some infraction between playmates, caused harmony to come to a crashing stop-but usually only for a while, we made-up, then the game started again.

For a lot of years, I’ve been thinking about the fact that I might bring many diverse ethnicities together, but even more powerful to me, is the amount of resources that could  be shared as cultures form relationships of understanding, respect & equality.  A Competency of Community.

Many corporate entities are transitioning to having a stronger “base line” in Cultural Competency, Diversity, & Inclusion, finding that it’s good for the entire, corporate structure of their company, as well as their economic growth.  It sends a message to other companies that this is the heart of our corporation. We value Cultural Competency, Diversity, & Inclusion.

But isn’t the real reason I’m writing this blog; I don’t support a Capitalistic model, attempting to increase their sales, through their quasi-image as an “open” and “inclusive,” yet still using workers as new-age-elves & grunts, to get the work done for them.  I’m writing because I think that Cultural Competency will help us to learn about ourselves, one another, and the whole planet.

An example is that of opening up cultural doors, with different cultures that we know very little about.  Who are these red & brown skinned people who were in this land way before we got here? One documentary described their culture as “foreign.”  And, it’s not too far off; silence, oppression, trauma to adults & children, a different language & customs. All of these behaviors are tinged with the pain they received from the colonizers.

Going to where they (POC)* hang out, and spend a lot of time; a better remedy than inviting them to your place; more discomfort, self-consciousness, and fear are often the biggest elephant in the room.

Many POC* are defending themselves from previous wounds & hurts to their person; then there are the ongoing microaggressions.  These are the small, knife-stabbing dissings of one’s racial identity, that repeat themselves endlessly.  This type of relationship takes genuine time & patience.

If nationalities, or nations, could come together, with willing & energetic spirits, & center themselves in our common


In our common genetic


As humans, one of our roles, I believe, is to internalize oneness, that’s to say, that we are one, human race (although some scientists think that they’re may be “sub-races” (not “less than,” but farther down the human family tree).

Once oneness is internalized, it’s a genuine consciousness-change-the telescope through which we know more clearly & comprehensively.

Another way to say what happens in the process is; a change to a more steady increase of knowledge & awareness of self & others.

Cultural Competency is about learning, in a practical way, another culture’s (and all this entails) inter-&-intra-cultural-communication, the walls of assumed obstacles blocking greater communication with POCs & other groups.

As we bring a caring, close, intimate, listening presence, we also are allowing the vacuum to be filled with unconditional love, info, understanding, knowledge, & acceptance.  

Sometimes a person may feel all of their parts are lining up a certain way; this moveable alignment is an alignment with all your parts & dimensions, including your inner parts, your intuitions, your feelings, your visions & dreams, paranormal experiences, your psyche, ego, good-self/bad-self, etc.  What a serene surreal setting!


Internalize Oneness!

Look over these-they’re gonna share their resources so by sharing, everyone will have more!  Ditto! Same! Yay, I’m in the game!

Enough food grown to feed

All peoples atop this earth/one condition\can this be the thing that gets me one more week of summer vacation?

Think of the resources that have probabilities to be shared, traded, and utilized as an international broker, etc.  Resources may include:

  1. Physical
  2. Material
  3. Human
  4. Mental
  5. Healthcare
  6. Humanitarian Aid
  7. Immaterial
  8. Spiritual
  9. Trust
  10. No Military

*POC stands for people of color

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Comedian Uses Talents To Help Raise Money For Vets

Although this event is past, I wanted to share it, in order that readers would learn more about the AMVETS Club, very active in this area.

The “Laugh For Vets” comedy fundraiser was held on March 9, 2019, sponsored by AMVETS Club, 147 Alfred St., Biddeford, ME, helping to raise money for the VA Medical Center (TOGUS) in Augusta.

George Hamm, a comic, was the headliner, accompanied by other poets from surrounding areas who also offered to help.

Hamm (a Vet himself who served in the Marines) is an AMVETS member, and also a Biddeford resident; he said he was happy to donate his time to raise money for a cause he takes special in-assisting with needs of patients in the Mental Health Unit at the VA hospital at TOGUS.

The principal organizer for the event was Robin Delage and was assisted by Mike Daigle.
Another Improv continues this weekend: (“Spring Fling”)

Maine Rep and the American Chamber of Comedy have added a couple of shows this weekend. The ACC has a show with performances at 8:00 PM Friday, April 12 & 7, & at 9:15 PM for Saturday, April 13. The organizers, and co-founder Steve Burnette of the event are working with Biscuits & Company, to hold a special, spring chicken, dinner-theater package.

The theater used for this event is located at the Pepperell Mill, 40 Main St. downtown Biddeford.

For ticket info or to find out more, go to or call (207) 205-6201. Maine Repertory Theater encourages nonperishable food items for the Biddeford & Saco food pantries.  A great way for organizations & communities to help who’re going through tough times.