Creative Vets Awarded In the 2018 Creative Arts Festival

Vets who participated in the 2018 Creative Arts Festival, and placed in Gold, Silver and Bronze, were given certificates and medals by Dan Dücker, Interim Chief of VA Togus, with Courtney Oliver and Liz Marrone assisting.

The driving, human force the Festival are Liz Marrone and Courtney Oliver, Recreational Therapists, who work at Togus.

Their passionate energy for the Creative Arts Festival is testified to by all the Vets who’ve applied to be a participant in the Festival.

In their remarks, both women commented that it had been a stellar year-the Creative Writing entries increased over 2017.

The favorite Windy Ridge Blue Grass Band, won two Golds, one in the Folk/Bluegrass/Country/Pop for a tune called “Railroad Line;” they won another Gold for Special Recognition with “Trucker and the UFO.”

Members of the WRBGB are: Mama Beth Revels-Guitar (Mama was recently elected as the President of the Bluegrass Music Association; Steve Davis-bango; “Frank” Woodard-Bass fiddle; and Jim Chard-Mandolin.

Daeven Dreezer and Mary Jane McLoon attended in their always, supportive way-from the American Legion Auxiliary.

Not to forget our unofficial “official” camera person, Allison. Thanks Allison!

Christopher Bear-Beam won the Gold at the national level, in his Creative Writing performance of a poem entitled “White.”

The 2019 Creative Arts Festival will be held some time in February (TBA).

This might be a good time, if you’re a creative Vet, to think of something you’d like to read, perform, do, your choice; it can be something you wrote that you have an intensity with which to perform.

Focus on your inner brainstorming for ideas to elaborate your goals for your own art, performed at the 2019 Creative Arts Festival.

Maybe you know another Vet, that you can work as a team in preparation in a “buddy system.” I betcha it could be a lot of fun!

I’m guessing that next year will be even better!

copyright:christopherbearbeam November 4, 2018

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