Dis Da Kind a White I Wannabe


you can be any kinda white
you want to be, any kind at all,
you got differently-hued/hewn whites from
all parts of the world, but they ain’t white unless the average
Joe white dude says so, but, dig, you got the
priv. recycling you to ROYGBIV, SHIT, GO OUT AND LIVE;


but just like you got different interps of the same biblical verse,
or any other piece of da Holy Writ, in a rainbow-eclectic manner,so you got diverse interps of whites, my Boo!


So, bro, don’t let those outside/inside voices in the virtual marketplace tell
you what kind of white to be, choose the path least taken, the one in the
overgrown forest, Like Robert Frost wrote about, where it breaks in two, walk that
way, shit, carry your own individual, protest sign.


“I be the white kind\the-kind-to-me-kind,”
because the kind of what I wannabe
is like you, Mr. Black or Mr. White, Mr.
Right or Mr. Wrong, or whoever you wannabe,
just like you, Mr.White, a professional, football referee!
(Big tips on the side! Gee!)


copyright:christopherbearbeam April 3, 2018

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