Not Just About Selena Williams’ Behavior On Court-It’s About Power

The story about Selena Williams’ so-called “outburst” on court is saturating the Internet. The most recent “retaliation” by officials was that tennis umpires are saying they want to create a union for themselves, as well as threatening to boycott Ms. Williams’ games. Wow-are these umpires adults or kids? No, I forget, most are probably white.

This tells me one thing: this isn’t only about Selena Williams-it’s about power. Power usually proceeds from envy (they may not like a black woman being so dominant in their “white” game), or another way to put it she’s a stereotype threat to them. And she’s probably not going away soon.

The fact that Selena Williams had the balls to use the “S” (sexism) word was more of a stop-sign-‘thus far and no further’ was her statement.

I think the best way to view this is that a black woman in a “white supremacist” world of sport-culture-no, excuse me, it’s about her asserting her own power.

The other thing that bothers me about this incident, is when is not the time to assert that your Civil Rights are being taken advantage of, or suppressed. In this case, the umpire suppressed Selena by “stealing” points from her, as she saw it, that caused her the game. I mean, please, the time to do it was when it happened, and Serena followed-through on this.

So, if folks are getting their panties in a wad-tough shit! I mean, we still do have Civil Rights in this nation, don’t we? copyright:christopherbearbeam_09142018

copyright:christopherbearbeam September 14, 2018

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