Robert Celeste got some soul-searching to do


I don’t know Robert Celeste. I’m sure he’s like most of us, just trying to live his life with the best of intentions as possible. After all, he’s human. I wish him only good, but I have to take issue with some of the facts about his beliefs and practices.

There was an article about Mr. Celeste in the March 13, 2018 edition of the Portland Press Herald, which in my opinion, would’ve been better in the funny papers.
Celeste’s statements in the article, writing from the perspective of preacher, amateur scientist, expert cultural labeler, and as an Orchard Hills School Board member (until he resigned recently), are indeed hilarious, and on the edge of hysterical mania! They are so biased and “false-to-facts,” one doesn’t have to wonder much that Celeste’s way of thinking is one of the reasons we’ve got so much crazy-making stuff going on all around us. He’s a contributor.

He describes himself as a preacher, but he preaches his own interpretations, assumptions and opinions so illogically and non-factually, that’s as far as it goes.
Robert Celeste, as the preacher in charge of the Church for the American Christian Patriot (why did he have to make the name so long? most likely, he forgot that the website is just another example of a ‘White Supremacist Site” with a long name).
On the site, he recently posted a racist comment, but when asked about it, he denied it .

The article notes that “Celeste, 74, strongly denied that he’s a racist despite posting material calling for the defense of “the white race” (p.A1).

This is another moldy, old-school excuse to hide behind Christianity, when, internally, members believe, probably in the harsh “god of White Supremacy,” because that’s their real agenda.

It appears that Robert Celeste loves to play the blame-game. In his mind, everyone within his eyesight causes the problems he’s ranting about. Whatever he thinks, that well may be. I don’t know. This I do know: racism is systemic and effects our entire institutional identity.

I’ve always heard that when you’re pointing your finger at someone you’re blaming about something, there are three more fingers pointing back at you.
So, Mr. Celeste, you got some ‘splainin’ and some inner searching to do: make a deal with yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s one of the tried and true ways to begin to change and start learning. Don’t blink your eye thinking you and your issues are magically going away. They’ll be wherever you are.

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam March 13, 2018

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