2018 Creative Arts Festival Held at Togus Maine

The Creative Arts Festival was held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at Togus, Maine. Sponsors were the Recreational Therapy Services & the American Legion Auxilliary.  Each VA region participates (if they choose to), and then the finalists at lower levels go onto the national level. Several of the participants, within the Togus group, received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their previous creative endeavors.

The organizers of the event, Elizabeth Marrone and Courtney Oliver (Recreational Therapists at Togus), said that this year, the twelfth year of the event, produced the most new participants in comparison with others. They were “psyched” as were the participants; it shows that the Creative Arts Festival is becoming more well-known, and that Maine is one of its focal points.

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Courtney, and all the other staff and volunteers who made the Festival such a great place to try out their Art on others within the VA.
Words of welcome were given by Dan Ducker, HCS Associate Director, and Debra Ann Mar, American Legion Auxilliary Past President, and Fr. Jacob George gave the Invocation.

There were forty-seven performance acts, with a wide & eclectic variety of music and art, from Country, Folk and Bluegrass, Patriotic Poetry, Inspirational Poetry, Humorous Poetry, Instrumental and Lyrical Solos, Short Stories, Solo Dramatic Prose, Rhythm & Blues, Instrumental Solo Jazz, and an awesome Multimedia Drama of the pain and inspiration of the Wall in DC.

At this post-Festival time, the organizers are compiling the judge’s results and will be communicating to all participants. Please help continue to make the Creative Arts Festival a positive activity for all. If you have friends or relatives of Vets, why not invite them to participate next year!

If you have feedback you’d like to give or have other questions, contact Elizabeth Marrone (elizabeth.marrone@va.gov) or Courtney Oliver (courtney.oliver@va.gov).

copyright:christopherbearbeam March 5, 2018


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