Interrupting Racism

Whenever I’ve tried to interrupt racism when I

see it happening, my methods seem to conflate the

circumstances-emotions not de-escalating the crisis

down on the low I know, this isn’t the complete facts

of who I am, but the drop-down is a picture of me

at another time, much more, dark-brown hair, in my

life, so much younger!  Dr. Jung-er, where were you

when we needed you?-I know, I know, building your

castle at home, we all have our projects.


First, keep to memory-take this to the bank in the skies, the only

person I can change is myself!  New ways of behaving or what I

say it may be caught, by a willing recipient who wants to be taught.

So, Racial Justice is a woman, too, but she wears no lady justice

blindfold, it’s true, for she looks & observes, or she cares, she hunts

for facts & bits of truth (not Truth).  She weighs these on the scale

of the law of justice-it’s then she may see the law’s been busted or

not.  She’s a shape-shifter.


Racial Justice will eventually come when people realize that all

people are equal before the Law; and equal in human dignity, each

having her own integrity…to work, advocate for Social Justice, in

the end of Racial Justice.


Copyright: CBB 10/13/2017

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