Jonas Salk’s New Reality of Evolution

In the book, Jonas Salk: Anatomy of Reality, he presents a visionary paradigm of a new, evolutionary reality.  Salk views the need for this new reality is an emergency situation that needs to be recognized and addressed immediately, even though this picture is crafted as a long-term goal; thus, the need to be patient and yet persistently working to become the conscious, human beings that will cause this new reality to become reality.

In his treatment of an overlay or template for consciousness evolution, we can ask some important questions as to how a more stabilized and equalized Racial Justice system might evolve.

For individuals and groups who may oppose and disagree with the overall concept of evolution (for example in the creation vs. evolution movement)-is there a way to view these elements in a compassionate way: it’s not to harrange, bias ourselves against the rigidity and what I believe is denial (and I ain’t talking about that big river in Egypt), or to judge or condemn their feelings, consciousness and ideologies.  

The process of evolution is a self-caring system and its powers will act up in differing forms, and be dismissed as untenable and unworkable.  We can let go of this as an obstacle.

The primary formula for evolution is the organism, underlaid by individual cells, and if there are more practical extentions, underlaying this more abstract, superordinate goals of evolution.

So, let’s reframe it: the organism, in our case, is the human, inborn desire for oneness, and racial healing, the cells may be various groups in the system, such as Racial Justice, healthy criminal justice systems, poverty, stigmatization, and bias towards Mental Illness, etc.

Underlying these cells would be incremental factors, such as individuals or single groups that espouse similar vierws of the universe, and a mission to enhance this new raised consciousness levels and social education.

Copyright: CBB 01/06/2018

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