Jonas Salk: Perhaps an Unknowing Ally?

Jonas Salk, is not strictly an anti-racist activist or advocate, but an evolutionary biologist, who sees the handwriting on the wall about our culture unravelling in just about every way; he points us towards a new cosmogony, a new consciousness, and a new value-based form of existence for all life on the planet.  

In other words, Salk believes that the environment and its evolutionary products, haven’t worked in terms of world peace, reconciliation of nations or in the primacy of social justice ethics-therefore, in his eyes, we must think about starting over, and think “evolution’s” way of fostering a new, stronger culture that can defend against specific attacks by viruses, etc., and one which will have far-reaching implications for changes in the human mind, the collective culture, the emergence of new cosmology and consciousness, if we are to survive as a species.

It’s true that usually we anti-racists and other social researchers seek for short-term racial justice changes in the systemic domination of racism within our culture.  But stop and think: over ninety percent of the time we’ve existed as a nation, we’ve been under the white supremacist model, including Jim Crow Laws that came along after the Civil War and existing in the modern Civil Rights Era. This demonstrates the many layers of social conditioning that must be unlearned, with new values & ethos learned, that will need to be substituted for the old model, that’s becoming more and more useless, outdated, and ineffective.

But, even with asymmetrical relationships, in a counter-intuitive way, life seems to get swallowed up by the dis-ease of racism.  If we apply incremental changes to all of our culture’s systems, this doesn’t mean that change will appear in the more abstract, superordinate areas.  It seems realistic to expect that transformations on both these levels is a prerequisite for the evolutionary process to continue and for mutual benefit to take place.

This leads one to the conclusion that there’s the need for wholesale transformation-through biological & metabiological evolution.

This, no doubt, is a very long-term goal, but one in which we should engage with now in the present. Length of time is needed for the mandatory ingredients for consciousness & cosmological evolutionary patterns to grow, that would phase in some kind of anti-racism evolution, and change in our overall worldview; this requires the understanding that racism=undoing life, yet as an anti-racist consciousness begins to flourish, through supports & reinforcement, towards holistic well-being and planetary wellness.

It’s one’s hope along with a firm conviction that the individuals engaged in these changes would be evolutionarily-selected for survival (monitoring & evaluating human beings in this process may involve too much “big brother” othering which may turn into an ethical dilemma, so other alternatives would need to be evaluated); all this contributing to a new cosmogony around equality, equity, justice, and just criminal justice systems, non-discrimination due difference, and the internalization of oneness (a deep abiding “knowing” that we are of each other, partners of all other life in the Universe, and that we example a “oneness” of common mission & purpose-a renaissance or/first-birthing of internalized oneness.

This states the urgent need for social education, and social conversion, as well as for enlightened people, perhaps even gene-carriers of genes that would form beings into having more enlightened & healthy behaviors, to increase and grow-thus, the need for anti-racist groups, consortiums, collaborations, and perhaps non-profit groups who work in the Social Justice field, and passionate individuals, to join their strengths together, perhaps seeking a ‘point of no return,’ making room for a new way of social-perceiving and social-regeneration, evolutionary changes, etc.

Jonas Salk, perhaps the unknown anti-racist-known biologist writes,

We are in need of a new philosophy, a new ideology, on the basis of which to organize ourselves.  The new philosophy, or ideology, might be called individual mutualism (emphasis mine).  It requires the collective to respect the individual, and individuals to participate mutually in the collective.  The same idea is shared in many different ways by religions & cosmogonies the world over; many of these were appropriate in the past, but are no longer as useful now as they were when first conceived (p. 109).

and on the link between the intuition & reason of human minds-

Survival of the world as we know it is not possible.  The world will have to be transformed and evolve for continuous survival.  This is the necessity and imperative of our time (emphasis mine) and will continue to be so long into the future until this transformation has been achieved, or until there is no longer any hope that it may be possible (p. 106).

Creativity and ingenuity includes intuitiveness that appear to be highly evolved traits among many human beings.  This is the nature of the human mind.  Reason, then, is the intellectual and rational resource for the evolutionary mind.  Reason may be learned as something passed onto us by previous generations, since one human trait we seem to collectively manifest is actualizing time-binding processes, seeking ways of transferring knowledge, experience & wisdom to newer generations.  Or in new templates for existing categories of people.

Those who are Climate-Change-Deniers simply aren’t applying logic, evidential facts, rationality and an honest view of the outcomes for the earth.  In short, they’re prone to using their “conservative & rightest” political rhetoric & platforms for their own self-interest, rather than agreeing with the profusion of facts on Climate-Change, and its life-draining results.

There are assistive traits we’ve gained through past evolutionary processes.  Something that applies here is ‘if we don’t learn from the mistakes of her-story (his-story), we’re doomed to repeat them again.’  Albert Einstein stated that we can only use a more effective and superior means to solve problems that began from lesser energies, since we have to use a power greater than the first one used in evolution’s path. Only a greater force for evolution can overcome extinction that now threatens the human race, too.

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam 01042018


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