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SURJ Southern Maine-Seacost Hosts Spoken Word Event

(This is a correction from the first blog with the same title:  performer’s names & owner of Book & Bar were added)

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, from 7:00-9:00 PM, the Book & Bar, in Portsmouth, NH, was rocking out with a variety of spoken word performances, from poetry-to-music-to-stand-up comedy by local creatives.

SURJ does fund-raisers such as this one (voluntary donations were collected), to raise money for our allies, partners & collaborators, who have a similar vision. SURJ’s vision is to educate in order to make people aware of racism, white privilege, white supremacy, and the cultivation of an anti-racism mind-set. The money raised from this event (approximately four-hundred dollars) will help & support the Black Lives Matter Scholarship Fund.

The theme of the spoken performance could be any topic related to Racial Justice, and all of the performers excelled in calling out their own topics, and giving more meaning through the art process & their unique personalities; that in turn, can create intuitional pathways to “internalize oneness” and raise consciousness in understanding the many faces of racism.

The idea of having this as an annual event has already been floated to some SURJ members; if this becomes reality, we envision putting together an anthology of the pieces presented at each event-this would also be a fund-raiser for SURJ and its allies.

A special note of thanks to Book & Bar for being our venue for this community event. We hope we can develop a good relationship with the venue, so that this can be an annual event, and we got off to a great start! The owner of Book and Bar is Dave Pelletier-many thanks to him as well.

Our performers: Melinda Salazar of Seacoast Peace Academy (piece on Reparations), Mary Stevens (personal story), Dali McDaniels (recitation), Robert Sapiro (stand-up comedy), Claudia Maturell (poet), Tammi Truax (poet), Jane Hegedy (singer), and Bear Beam (poet)

A very special note of thanks to all of the performers who composed a woven tapestry of insights about racial justice, racism & white privilege, and did so with passion, comedy, music, true personal stories, and poetry. We appreciate all of you very much! We hope you’ll return for our next one!

Special thanks to Karen McBride & Christopher Bear-Beam for organizing the event.

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam November 12, 2017