Archive | November 6, 2017

PRIVILEGE, Poor Privilege

Privilege? You got white privilege, heterosexual privilege, able-bodied privilege, LGBT privilege, economic privilege, elite privilege, professional privilege, authoritarian privilege, religious privilege, “well” privilege, “not well” privilege, female privilege, male privilege, spiritual privilege, children privilege, no-children privilege, etc., etc.

What do all these privileges get us? What’s the pay-off for privilege?

Connecting\one-person-one-privilege connects us to the people, entities, systems, to keep our power (not in a “less than”) in the group, dig? The out group? Keep ’em down and that keeps us up. Simple as that! Whuddup?

We got you down on the mat, fixin’ to pin your shoulder to the mat, like that, for 3 seconds flat, to win the match. Done! Gold for the U.S.A! We’re all Gold Medal winners in tight-fitting, little, grey suits, carryin’ signs that say we be Capitalists in a wonderful way,

We, be
what we be
wonder and
with Awe,
wakes up on wrong
side, from bed
westerly is the flow
where we be goin’
to the West Indies, so
windy, so fine,
wash in hearts hope/

Privilege doesn’t go away again.
We dip in the dance,
it goes lower & lower,
re-charges, returns to
its motive, to scale
them later (he’s a
up-and-coming Capitalist Consumer), after all,
his hands & fingers, little burning coals,
burning up all his eyes, fixated on,
vanity, craving, lusting, hungering, puking
in pain,

don’t disdain,
your privilege, if you
didn’t have it, how
could you know it,
see it, catch it, get
angry at it, go off
on it, do something about it!

Go out and round-up about 20 people, a diverse cohort of humanity’s lesser regions\ask them to define what the word “privilege” means, and you’ll get a quilted, multiplex of holy (or maybe not) silence/our meanings-we all carry worlds inside our heads-it’s our territory and our map of how we get around in the surrounding world, this bitter crap-trap!

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam October 8, 2017