Beyond the Rainbow

Now, yes, now/I know the reason the elderly African-American gentleman threw an empty booze bottle at my car that was doing a “U” turn to flee this old man, madder than hell, who probably hated my guts, and if he could’ve caught me, he’d do me in for sure.
I did getaway-thank God!

But-I was left with the big “why” question: why’d he do it? What made him so angry that he couldn’t stop himself? to do it? to do it? to do it?

It wasn’t until much older, that I learned that racism=a systemic morass, multi-generational, socially & environmentally-learned, and the inferential meaning of all of this, is that if it can be learned, then it can be un-learned.

This gives me the quiet contentment for the happiness this may give to our children, and children beyond…and beyond…that racism breeds something like PTSD, only this would be called Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder. Add to this a naturally new consciousness of anti-racism way of living.

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam October 11, 2017

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