Privileged Manchild

Twenty years ago, a soulmate taught me about the privilege of whiteness, you know, how it goes?-I rescind that remark-many, many, many people on whose shoulders I stand, helped me to understand this crooked dis-ease that most whites never acknowledge.
If the sun comes up each morning, without a hitch, even if I don’t see it ascending, dudes, it’s a reality, in the structural life of this planet on which we live, dudes, it’s a reality, not a specialty; it’s a fact, Jack!

Think of all the institutions that form a patch-work quilt of Institutional Racism, and at the center of this bizarre spider-webbing-juggling cells of systemic racism & privilege, it be crazy-making dudes, I want to jump off a ledge.

But I’ll give you my pledge
not to rock the boat-speaking of White Privilege,
like creosote toothpaste, just ain’t gonna stay afloat.
Born into the elitist clouds,
better position, more access, more connections to benefit us whites,
than any non-white crowd, shout it loud! Hey, privilege suits me
fine, feels comfy and assures me of never having to be found
on the bottom shelf;

But this niggling in my spirit’s brain, a new consciousness gonna raise some cane, if I know what I know, and it’s true-to-facts, like to lickitty-split make my micro-attacks, nervously at first, growth in anti-racism whiteness as a solemn witness to the fact, that I can unlearn white racism, it’s just true that!

Gives me some hope to go on,
seeing my white-body-mind
changing from gross to sublime,
in the long, long day of what’s unkind,
doing my part, helping bear the load,
watching for the light of truth to shine,
where we may catch that internal oneness ray,
this is the prize we must find!

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam September 8, 2017

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