That Beautiful, Laughing, Young Woman From Brazil

She throws her long, straight-brown hair back, laughing loudly at the jokes & spontaneous-combustible chemistries in the room. It’s a joy to know we are all from one tree-we are the earth beneath our feet, and the house is rooted deep inside Mama Earth.
Ana’s happy. She’s engaged with life; she speaks of her country and ours-when she first arrived in the U.S., just over three months ago-it was like walking into a surreal, unreal movie to her/people in Brazil, she said, look at the U.S. in that way-America is Nirvana on earth! Could it be that this response is internalized oppression, after being conquered by ‘the whites from Europe & North America?’

She came to a country historically divided by race, particularly in black & white relations, since the prior time of even becoming a nation. Some have called Racism, ‘our original sin.’ Perhaps we can also say it’s our most virulent dis-ease. In the area of solid, whole relationships, we’re sadly off-balance and off-the-chain when it comes to racism.
She relates that in her country, people aren’t obsessing over and constantly saying, “Are you (they) black or white?” whereas in our country, this is so often the bottom line. In a way, we’re almost obsessed by the issue.

For example, in her family her dad makes jokes about how the people-of-color-in-Brazil talk or act, then laughs about it. Maybe he thinks this isn’t racist, yet his comments are based on stereotypical images.

In Brazil, Ana’s country, the “given-ness” is that of a mixed-race-culture. Brazil’s first colonizers were the Spaniards\many were blond-haired and blue-eyed; then, there followed interracial liaisons and marriages with the various indigenous peoples of the her land. One thing is that Brazil is about colors. Colores del Galore!

Again, Ana laughs at the absurdity of our addiction to physiological traits & characteristics (this despite the Genome Experiment showing that there’s more diversity within a people group than between people groups), tosses her head back with the light sprinting off of her sparkling white teeth.

I like Ana, and I think she likes me; she’s vivacious and full of spirit in her Latin, female body-mind. I’ll laugh with you any time, Ana, because I like to laugh, have fun, and laughter makes me feel better in the long run most of the time.

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam September 19, 2017

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