Seaberry Coffeehouse & Bakery-Seaberry Coffeehouse & Bakery-You Got the Vibe Goin’ On!

By Christopher Bear-Beam

From the minute I walked into Seaberry’s, I felt it-the eclectic vibe of java, donuts, art & atmosphere.  I’ve been searching for this kind of coffee house since moving to Maine about a year ago from Austin, Texas.What did that old school bumper sticker say?  I FOUND IT!

One of the primary reasons for the good vibe at Seaberry’s is due to the fact that Liza, the proprietor, has that kind of vibe; she’s a musician & artist in her own right-it’s also one of the reasons Seaberry’s has so much happening in the evenings (tell you about that later in the blog).Liza decided to open Seaberry’s, so she saved for about four years to actualize her dream.  Seaberry’s opened June 26, 2017.

Activities, the kind you’ll find at Seaberry’s , helps create community; there’s a little bit for everyone.  Seaberry’s offers its own community where the community can pop in for coffee or a donut, and then this community can take the vibe they get and take it back out to the larger community.

Contact Info:  Seaberry’s is located at1677 Post Rd., Wells, ME 04090; Liza may be contacted by phone as well: 207-360-2400.

Here are some of the awesome activities Seaberry’s hosts:* Free Wi-Fi* A stage with instruments to do yo thang or perform* Thursday evenings: Open Mic for musicians, poets, or any other type of tasteful performance* Friday evenings: Acoustic night* Saturday evenings: Elders’ Kariochi* Vendors of beer & wine* Amazing, delicious coffee and donuts baked fresh each day.  The Hours of Operation for Seaberry’s are: Monday:       7:00AM-2:00PM   Tuesday: Closed     Wednesday:  7:00AM-2:00PM  Thursday: 7:00AM-8:00PM   Friday: 7:00AM-8:00PM    Saturday: 7:00AM-8:00PM     Sunday: 7:00AM-8:00PM
( Bear apologizes-due to technical difficulties the photos that were to be used in this blog just weren’t cooperative!)

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam August 22, 2017

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