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Seaberry Coffeehouse & Bakery-Seaberry Coffeehouse & Bakery-You Got the Vibe Goin’ On!

By Christopher Bear-Beam

From the minute I walked into Seaberry’s, I felt it-the eclectic vibe of java, donuts, art & atmosphere.  I’ve been searching for this kind of coffee house since moving to Maine about a year ago from Austin, Texas.What did that old school bumper sticker say?  I FOUND IT!

One of the primary reasons for the good vibe at Seaberry’s is due to the fact that Liza, the proprietor, has that kind of vibe; she’s a musician & artist in her own right-it’s also one of the reasons Seaberry’s has so much happening in the evenings (tell you about that later in the blog).Liza decided to open Seaberry’s, so she saved for about four years to actualize her dream.  Seaberry’s opened June 26, 2017.

Activities, the kind you’ll find at Seaberry’s , helps create community; there’s a little bit for everyone.  Seaberry’s offers its own community where the community can pop in for coffee or a donut, and then this community can take the vibe they get and take it back out to the larger community.

Contact Info:  Seaberry’s is located at1677 Post Rd., Wells, ME 04090; Liza may be contacted by phone as well: 207-360-2400.

Here are some of the awesome activities Seaberry’s hosts:* Free Wi-Fi* A stage with instruments to do yo thang or perform* Thursday evenings: Open Mic for musicians, poets, or any other type of tasteful performance* Friday evenings: Acoustic night* Saturday evenings: Elders’ Kariochi* Vendors of beer & wine* Amazing, delicious coffee and donuts baked fresh each day.  The Hours of Operation for Seaberry’s are: Monday:       7:00AM-2:00PM   Tuesday: Closed     Wednesday:  7:00AM-2:00PM  Thursday: 7:00AM-8:00PM   Friday: 7:00AM-8:00PM    Saturday: 7:00AM-8:00PM     Sunday: 7:00AM-8:00PM
( Bear apologizes-due to technical difficulties the photos that were to be used in this blog just weren’t cooperative!)

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam August 22, 2017

Show Up For Racial Justice Coordinates March in Kittery on Saturday, August 19, 2017

Resistance in Ferguson, MO has created more awareness of the need to not only exist, but to use our Power to Resist!

The recent racist/terroristic attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, by a White Supremacist, when he drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, resulted in three deaths (two of which were Law Enforcement Professionals), and one young woman, along with multiple injuries to other protesters.

Show Up For Racial Justice felt that some type of action was needed. They found out that the KKK had a march here in the early Twenties (the purpose of the march isn’t clear); their route for the march began at John Paul Jones Park in Downtown Kittery, headed down to Wallingford, then right, and a circle back to the park.

So SURJ decided to walk the same route they did, as an action in solidarity with other rallies planned by White Supremacist groups, and counter-protests by other groups and individuals. As we waited in the park for the March to start, many motorists honked their horns and people expressed positive sentiments for the March.

Kittery’s Chief of Police attended the March, as well as other Law Enforcement folks who acted as a presence of safety & protection. In this writer’s mind, this was another sign of the community’s support for Kittery being a No Hate Zone. No White Supremacy here!
SURJ is an organization that emerged, not too long ago, from a few folks’ passion, and its momentum is growing in Southern Maine. The Southern Maine Chapter is part of a nation-wide consortium of anti-racism organizations; this helps with consistency and resources for doing the anti-racism work of white people.

Racism, like any other kind of “ism,” flourishes in silence, fear, and intimidation. Most psychologists will tell you that breaking-the-chain-of-silence can be the start of a healing process in one’s life. “Being loud, and speakin’ proud” about the need for and the work of anti-racism is one way to shine the light on the dark silence, to expose it, shut it down, or reinforce the presence of sane methods to dismantle racism.

There were comments & thoughts shared by some SURJ members prior to the March-many thanks to those who assisted in organizing the March, and helping by providing safety, psychologically & physically.

One of the highlights for this writer, was the sixteen-year-old boy who spoke about the critical need to engage youth in anti-racism efforts; he pointed to a good-sized group of youth, and everyone clapped and expressed happiness that they were there.
In various local areas, SURJ has been sponsoring & hosting gatherings where videos around white anti-racism are shown, and discussion follows. Sometimes it can get very lonely as a white person who sees racism in a clear-eyed way, but often meets resistance from his or her white peers.

You can check out the SURJ Website at:, or send emails to: By USPS: SURJ, 10428 Bluegrass Parkway, Ste. #544, Louisville, KY 40299; also check out SURJ on Facebook & Twitter.

Own it, President Trump!

After a terrorist motorist slammed his car into counter-protesters of a White Nationalism gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, injuring numerous people (at the last tally, one dead).  The motive, and if there’s a group taking responsibility for this internal, terrorist attack.  Looks like “homegrown” terrorists are using a page from ISIS’s notebook.

Soon after the attack, President Trump gave a press conference, condemned them as acts as one of hate & bigotry-he then went onto say that the terror came from “many sides.”

A day after a tense white nationalist gathering in his city turned deadly, Charlottesville, Virginia, Mayor Michael Signer expressed his displeasure with how Donald Trump carried himself during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Old saying: When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes you,” Signer said Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” explaining why he had said on Saturday that he hopes President Trump “looks himself in the mirror and thinks very deeply about who he consorted with.”

“I think they made a choice in that campaign,” Signer continued. “A very regrettable one, to really go to people’s prejudices, to go to the gutter.”

Singer said “these influences around the country, these anti-Semites, racists, Aryans, neo-Nazis, KKK,” people who were “always in the shadows,” have “been given a key and a reason to come into the light.”

“The time has come for this to stop,” the mayor said. “This should be a turning point. This movement jumped the shark, and it happened yesterday. People are dying, and I do think that it’s now on the president and on all of us to say ‘enough is enough.'”

One eye witness, BRANDY GONZALEZ, commented: “I think it just sends a very clear message of who he (Trump-mine) is not willing to offend. And that’s pretty clear. I think that’s been clear for a really long time. I do want to say, however, on a state level, that I’m very unhappy with the comments from Governor McAuliffe, from the mayor of Charlottesville and from the chief of police of Charlottesville. The press statement they made on the day was just one after the other of “This is not my fault.” And every update that I’ve received is completely unacceptable. I personally believe that there should be a public and clear apology from the three, and also an apology from the ACLU for fighting for their right to have that rally, because this all could have been prevented, and all you’re doing is sending a clear message of who you care about. So, maybe people should stop and realize what their actions and what the things that they do are actually saying to us, the people.”

Once again, I marvel!  That in placing blame there was no finger pointing back at himself, as President.  Kinda like that old American aphorism: ‘When you point a finger at someone else, don’t forget that you’ve got three fingers pointing back at yourself.’   There might not have been a truer statement than this ever made-isn’t this a stark showing of human nature?

Just like all the rest of us, Trump’s mirror is pointed and aimed to an exterior target; if we’re honest, and I’m sure we’d all like to be, we’d attest to what we know (cognitively, factually and scientifically, or what we’ve observed.  Right on!

Trump has no awareness of the difference between language & action-he thinks, I assume, that his political verbiage has no relationship to potential, violent actions-thus, there’s no idea in his head, that what he says, can ferociously ignite actions on the part of his deluded followers.  So, ‘it’s not my fault, it’s the “many sides’” fault.’

I think we need to establish that language is an environment and a behavior; there’s no separation here-it’s elementally bound together into a oneness.

Trump is so deluded, he can’t comprehend how his own racist & biased language has any causal factor in terroristic attacks.  Remember “McCarthyism?”  A crowd-delusion of mammoth proportions, that literally turned the nation upside-down in the Fifties-a witch hunt for “Commies.”

The power in all Fascist & Totalitarian systems is forged in the imaginations of people, through others’ influence, who believe that these systems are the true reality of the structure of life.  The charism and flair of the communicator is part of the equation of hate, as is the ignorance of the listeners.  Trump’s narcissism, and inability/blindness to take personal responsibility for his words and actions is one of the “many sides.”  Own it, President Trump!

Copyright: Christopher Bear-Beam August 13, 2017