Get on Down to Brewed Awakenings-What Are You Waiting For?

Brewed Awakenings opened their season (through the summer and into the fall) today.   My refrain was “Is there only one coffee café (shop) in Wells?” (1846 Post Rd., Wells, ME 04090; [207] 646-2600).

The present-day proprietor, is Jackie Maude, and she’s been doing this job for the last three years; her dad, Jim, began the café about eight years ago. When Jackie took over, she decorated the café in her way & with her touch.

Saturday, May 27, 2017 was the first day of a brand-new season.  It was gratifying seeing many of Jackie & Jim’s friends & family come to the café.  I felt it was a wonderful support to the café.

Another sense I had of the café, was its “family-style” atmosphere, that was informal, amiable, and filled with the scent of wonderful coffees & bakery goods.  By the visitor’s remarks, many of them knew the owner’s family for a long time.

Jackie Maude is a person with incredible energy, which is obvious, if you just watch her for a while in the café.  There’s no doubt she loves what she does.

One new idea that will become a future reality, is that the café will soon begin serving hamburgers, remaining open in the afternoon & evening, to meet the needs of clientele. With this new attraction/food many folks may stop for a burger after they’ve hit the beach.  Look for more information to come!

Another event that Brewed Awakenings is a sponsor for & supporting, will be held on Father’s Day, June 18, 2017.  It will be a Classic Care Show, with lots of antique classics to be viewed.  Don’t miss it!

For a poet, like me, you search to find the right vibe & atmosphere, to sit drinking your coffee, and typing on your computer. If the energy is good in a place, it effects everything else, including artists who may doing their art, or poets who need inspiration and positive affirmations to write their poetry.

The only shortcoming, I could find was Jackie’s refusal to sell me her “Poseidon” colored pick-up truck (I think it’s vintage 1963).  She loves her truck, so I don’t foresee any upcoming raffles for it.  It rounds out the “Poseidon Blue” color-scheme for the café.  I also heard another secret: Jackie also has a motorcycle that she loves riding.

In short, a good vibe & energy helps everyone, because it enlivens us, and helps us to digest what we’ve put in our stomachs.  My recommendation is to check it out yourself.  You won’t be sorry!

©Christopher Bear-Beam May 28, 2017


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