International Womens Day, 2017

During the Iraqi Occupation, I saw something happen that got me very stirred up with inspiration.

On this occasion, there was a protest, led by the Iraq Vets Against the War, and other anti-war organizations; a group of Afghan women, were in New York City to stand in solidarity for all females, soldiers & civilians who are living in the war in Afghanistan.

These women have all been impacted the war there; in fact, going back to the Russian presence there, this nation has been fighting wars for a lot of years.  But, think about it: every woman is someone else’s mother, cousin, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother.

Mothers and children are extremely vulnerable, when it comes to being a collateral damage victim.  These are the “innocents.”

Whenever you see groups mourning the death of a friend or family member, women generally play prominent roles in the mourning & grieving process within the community.

However, many women & young girls-in many parts on the planet-become harmed & traumatized by clitoral mutilation, suffering the medical and the trauma through this bizarre, ancient custom.

For example, in Indian culture, some women are burned on funeral pyres, because they had an affair, or broke the laws & customs around legal & religious codes.

A large percentage of American women get paid at a far less rate than males who’re doing the same jobs.  How is this equable & fair for all concerned?  Doing the same work should give you the same pay as a male doing a comparative kind of work!

Abortion is again receiving the onslaughts of the Fundamentalists and the Religious Right; the same “same old” threats are made against Planned Parenthood, apparently, the Devil in liberal clothes.

When women & families are targeted for deportation in the immigration process, this also effects women, due to their own familial responsibilities-who will care for children who must be left with a caregiver while mom goes out and works.  What if mom is deported?  And what about children who’ve been born in this country, so that now they’re citizens, while their parents & family may not be?

What’s needed?  A bearing witness by men, for thousands of years under Patriarchy’s boot, for the pain we’ve caused women.  All genders are members of our human race.  Men and women should commit to one other man or woman for support, compassion, justice, empathy and understanding.

Should a difference between females & males preclude that others in her group are discriminating against, and kept back from promotion, as she grows into the position.  Not right!

©Christopher Bear-Beam March 8, 2017

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