Is Terrorist-Racism a Mental Health/Public Health Issue?


The FBI can’t put a name of a person on a watch list simply because the person has a Mental Illness; if the Mental Illness is linked with terroristic threats or actions, then they can pursue the leads; this despite many assaults & attacks done by folks with a Mental Illness (MI) who also may have access to weapons.

These precautions are taken so the law enforcement agency can’t be held libel for a scenario like this, many times followed by some terroristic (in its germane sense) act.

The Civil Rights of all concerned (and most particularly those with a MI) need to be upheld as well, the U.S. security forces are well-aware of the nuances & landscapes to protect the Civil Rights of everyone.

Is there a way we can begin to access individuals or groups who present MI at an earlier, more preventative, time?  And whether they own a train-does this abridge their rights?  It seems logical to this writer that preventative protocols must be drafted, approved, and passed into a “law of the land.”

A recommendation would be to contact every therapist, or Mental Health facility or clinic, every head of a government entity, and workers across the board among Human Services Professionals.  Create a data base that can be accessed by the public, providers, and users.

Then a sort of consortium together, sort of a Town Hall Meeting model that model the facilitation of communication & interchange concerning the topic at hand; insure that the meeting or gathering is videotaped or audiotaped, transcript recorded, and edited as a document to be placed in the Public Domain.  Are we on the same page?  We gotta get this gospel out!

©Christopher Bear-Beam January 8, 2017


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