An Autocratic Wind Sweeps

In this circled web, lies a system that can make you dead.

A leadership style, that once on a while, the host, we combed them in,

Soldiers back from the “Big War”-transfigured transformers found

Out easy to use and easy to be in, the Autocratic System manned up to peer-conforming, afraid to be one’s own true self, fear is one of the best motivators-you got to hide and cover-up what’s next to your heart.  Keep in on down low, Mr. Joe DiMaggio.

The new Administration talks out loud about saving our land, the bluster & hot lava may bust your face like a water balloon.  Save?  Save what & how?  By making illegal the Civil Rights that ours by virtue of our birth as human.

Silence the media, they throttle their assaults, and make sure you confront the media in your normal communication style-c’mon, just give me a big smile, and look now you big farty cow, shut down their stations for the good of the public health,

This dagger into your side

Will go, with a twist and a turn,

You’re nothing more than blood on

The sawdust floor-get on outta here, Open that door and run for your

Life, right outta this door. You be a bore!

©Christopher Bear-Beam February 12, 2017 (my B-Day)



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