A Fragmentary Culture

A Fragmentary Culture

The trends, drives & pushes, taken on by the ‘vast American Middle Class,’ God,  it reminds me of the “Beaver & Cleaver” era of nerds on the loose-all this since WWII; one of the consequences is that we’ve split our collective psyche, all of us have been labeled by TPTB (The Powers That Be), as increasingly often we notice useless ideas & activities that they neither have time for, or belly for-those co-crafters of the majority system, wanted to keep their prestige, their power, their possessions, their munitions, along with their privileged premonitions, and keep, we poor on the down-low, neck under the boot of TPTB, the down-low-est step on the ladder to success-well, don’t they have big plans for us-beyond belief?  Perhaps it is “beyond belief.”

To hold us in neo-non-motion, they must insure that they can keep these other sectarian, ignorant piss-ants restrained and on lock-down.  The guards pass it off as low IQs, and being uncivilized and counter-culture to all that’s good and white.

They say this is why snow is white-it’s a yearly reminder that only the “good” white people who get most of the goodies & entitlements, are really “good”\but who decides who the “good” are?  Are these good, white people?  What about those over there?  Are there good persons of color?   Are there “bad” white people?

The reason these questions have any meaning at all is due to our racialized history and our identities, that we’d even entertain a whitish metaphor-all homes in which humans live have their personalized souls; these metaphors, at the end of the day, are equipped with warranties and extension opportunities-so that metaphors can quickly adapt to changing conditions:


The metaphor=whiteness.

We serve a white God, and is

That white only?  That is historically-

Based non-sense, look at the narrative

Of Art from the past, in the drawings,

Pottery, & household utensils: what’s

Planted on these past, archaeological

Accessories is our racial diversity and

Most of the persons are of darker hue-

I guess we foo’d you!   Come on every

One let’s give them a heartfelt applause

For their dramatic expression of

Loving support for you!  And just

Being willing to play along.  By the

Way, Mr. Sampson asked me to pass

This message along to you.  He says

That some of you are plotting against

Him, and it’s really stressed him out,

So, in his mind he’s flipped it and even

Now as we speak here, he’s plotting to

Take all of you down.

The mirror of the metaphor

Collapses when it skins its shins,

Or when it shines in on itself,

Like dark holes exploding

Into tons of fragments; scientists

Still can’t unravel all the data yet,

Because they’re missing some codes,

Which are being investigated, again,

As we speak

Clearly, there must be a logistical & mathematical cause for these consequences and not others, more experimentation is needed in this regard.

©Christopher Bear-Beam December 14, 2016


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