Lincoln Who?

He grew up after his name’s sake to almost the same size of the assassinated President, Abraham Lincoln.
Another parallel? Part of his youth was spent in the President Lincoln’s home state of Illinois, and part of it was spent in the northeast near Canada & the State of Maine.
For a while, the whole family made the family’s living in Vaudeville, but Lincoln’s pops (not Abraham’s but the other’s) bounced around working at a varied array of jobs. He was successful for a while, then he’d take a nose dive for a space of time, and repeat the cycle again.

Eventually, Lincoln’s family moved to Maine; Lincoln could now enjoy a bit of Ivy League White Privilege; when his dad’s income would allow it. He was the “class clown,” the life of the party, charismatic, and a decisive showman (some would later call him a “con man”), he led bands among the many other things he enjoyed doing, including attending school while he lived there.
He began studies at Brown University, a prestigious, eastern university; he dropped out of Brown after two years, to go into business, with the long-term goal of owning his own business.

During WWII, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and became a pilot; he flew many missions as a Troop Support Officer. Later, for a short while, he kept his commission by staying in the Naval Reserve.

The next phase of Lincoln’s life, oh, excuse me, but I haven’t yet divulged who this “Lincoln” is:
The man: George Lincoln Rockwell
Commander: the American Nazi Party

George L. Rockwell was a man who grew up in privilege. Most every advantage came his way due to his whiteness. This is the immutable order of the bio-structure we call life.

More specifically, Lincoln Rockwell sounds to me like a European name, perhaps a British name; they lavished on us the first round of being under the boot of privilege.

The point of this essay is that despite the privilege he inherently possessed and used in his life to get where he wanted to be, but he certainly didn’t turn out to be a clone of the manipulator that deceived & conned the workers-I think sells! He wanted to create his own image, even though he used communication in an unethical way.

All GLR’s vision could take in was that there was a Jewish conspiracy that was using this pliable conduit of communication to destroy Jews all over the earth; he didn’t intend, as I read it, to long for any kind of millennial land of peace-a pure-land. So don’t give me that “pie-in-the-sky-religion!” My feet, yes my whole boy is planted in the land, in the waters, and in the skies.
When GLR founded the American Nazi Party (sometime in the Fifties or Sixties), his sole motive was to agitate; he and his stormtroopers agitated people at other political events such as protests or demonstrations; they provoked enemies to fight in the streets, as a declaration that they’d taken over the streets by brute force & power, not by Nazi dogma.

Copywrite 10/11/2016 Christopher Bear-Beam

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