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Lincoln Who?

He grew up after his name’s sake to almost the same size of the assassinated President, Abraham Lincoln.
Another parallel? Part of his youth was spent in the President Lincoln’s home state of Illinois, and part of it was spent in the northeast near Canada & the State of Maine.
For a while, the whole family made the family’s living in Vaudeville, but Lincoln’s pops (not Abraham’s but the other’s) bounced around working at a varied array of jobs. He was successful for a while, then he’d take a nose dive for a space of time, and repeat the cycle again.

Eventually, Lincoln’s family moved to Maine; Lincoln could now enjoy a bit of Ivy League White Privilege; when his dad’s income would allow it. He was the “class clown,” the life of the party, charismatic, and a decisive showman (some would later call him a “con man”), he led bands among the many other things he enjoyed doing, including attending school while he lived there.
He began studies at Brown University, a prestigious, eastern university; he dropped out of Brown after two years, to go into business, with the long-term goal of owning his own business.

During WWII, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and became a pilot; he flew many missions as a Troop Support Officer. Later, for a short while, he kept his commission by staying in the Naval Reserve.

The next phase of Lincoln’s life, oh, excuse me, but I haven’t yet divulged who this “Lincoln” is:
The man: George Lincoln Rockwell
Commander: the American Nazi Party

George L. Rockwell was a man who grew up in privilege. Most every advantage came his way due to his whiteness. This is the immutable order of the bio-structure we call life.

More specifically, Lincoln Rockwell sounds to me like a European name, perhaps a British name; they lavished on us the first round of being under the boot of privilege.

The point of this essay is that despite the privilege he inherently possessed and used in his life to get where he wanted to be, but he certainly didn’t turn out to be a clone of the manipulator that deceived & conned the workers-I think sells! He wanted to create his own image, even though he used communication in an unethical way.

All GLR’s vision could take in was that there was a Jewish conspiracy that was using this pliable conduit of communication to destroy Jews all over the earth; he didn’t intend, as I read it, to long for any kind of millennial land of peace-a pure-land. So don’t give me that “pie-in-the-sky-religion!” My feet, yes my whole boy is planted in the land, in the waters, and in the skies.
When GLR founded the American Nazi Party (sometime in the Fifties or Sixties), his sole motive was to agitate; he and his stormtroopers agitated people at other political events such as protests or demonstrations; they provoked enemies to fight in the streets, as a declaration that they’d taken over the streets by brute force & power, not by Nazi dogma.

Copywrite 10/11/2016 Christopher Bear-Beam


Generally speaking, we think anyone with very different beliefs or practices, are extremists-why? Because they’re different from us. We get to restore our dealings with people we don’t like, because they’ve got “extremist’s views” on life, pie-in-the-sky platitudes plastered all over us with signs, posters, decals, etc. We have no idea what these things mean!
That’s just the point: extremism, the concept itself, can be stereotyped and stigmatized-essentially this means that their will most likely be a public animosity towards this particular situation and once these images goes meme* ing off into culture, there will be the first acknowledging by the populace that this certifiable, scientific, rational, mathematical, etc. circumstances may be observed & assessed as to genuineness, communicating with other parts of the network, and empowering those actors with transformative creativity.

If extremism is a genuine ism we can ascertain elements that may be found in all extremist groups.
Here’s a cursory overview of extremism; also please understand that I claim no title, such as being a de-programmer of people who’ve lived in cults; nor an expert on brainwashing, and torture techniques. It is with what’s said, and understanding the listener-this is of key importance.

Tendencies of Isms

To think of their group as possessing “the Truth.”
All others outside of the “ism” group are seen as the uninitiated, unknowing, ignorant and unexperienced. Depending on the type of group, they may use religions-communicating terms that sometimes their adherents don’t even understand
There is some major event about to happen that will either bring salvation or destruction to humanity
As believers enter the fold, they are taught by peers & administrative leaders; they are taught the personal pathway-and this isn’t for the non-committal, or people who are afraid of pain, getting hurt, or getting thrown in jail. The educational process continues as they receive into their consciousness through the learning modules (or whatever other terms may be used by the group).

Isms often teach (many don’t so they don’t fall into this category\a single-pointed enemy, in so many words, a scapegoat. They must be vigilant at all times, resolute to carry out the purpose of the attacks on it by enemies.

Isms, like all people & organizations go through stressful times; they deny taking any action could harm any life, but then ten years later an underground grave containing 3,020 people. They were gunned down, chopped up, knifed down by their enemies who witnessed the scene. Some corpses were mutilated, beheaded, women who had babies hacked out of them. They then had iron rods shoved up their rectums & vaginas. Sickening it was to see.
Isms, those that are violent & hate-based, use suicide bombers in some of their actions. A group like Isis doesn’t hesitate to urge people to take their own lives to win paradise; their worldview of life and its bloody consequences come back to bite everyone in the ass!

Creative Conflict in Charlotte

In the last few days there have been protests, demonstrations, and rioting in Charlotte, NC due to the shooting of an African-American driver. This, of course is the result of another POCGDBP (Person of Color Gunned Down by Police) of a man named Mr. Scott. Today (9/23/2016) another video taken by the victim’s wife, who repeatedly shouted as the incident unfolded, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” She also told police who had their guns pointed at the suspect, her husband, and were yelling over & over again, “Put the gun down;” She also told the officers that her husband had a brain injury and was on medication for it. What more does a spectator to this kind of police violence have to do or say, to get cops to stand down?
At that juncture of time, they froze mentally & emotionally, or as Trump might say, “Somebody froze!”-there was nothing else between the ears of these cops, from my perspective, then taking him down, then stopping him in his tracks; whether or not he had a gun.
Sadly, but hopefully, this often typical scene among African-Americans and other communities of color & local cops will be reviewed by reasonable people who, it’s hoped-come up with reasonable solutions that may move into action/praxis as soon as is feasibly possible. There may even be a move to launch it into broader spheres of influence. We’ll have to see how it pans out, right?
People can, if they choose to try, change courses, even in flowing rivers bent on throwing up “bull” rides like these.
The next thing we plan to do is take up a huge, air balloon with a long tail that says to everyone who reads it=Protect All Rights. This, the basis of humanitarian altruism, as seen from a second-grader’s point of view, while playing kickball, his own side up, then her side up, then a flowing & sparking of all flames rising in one torch of flame,
The torch of fame,
The torch of game,
The torch of lame,
The torch of same,
The torch of tame,
The torch of came
The torch of went.
©Christopher Bear-Beam September 23, 2016