Anthropology & Life: To Vivify?

When I first explored the merits of vivify, I wandered off puzzled until I
processed everything through my own head, at least all the consciousness\shit\
stuff, because I’m into that.

My puzzlement (please, my fake apologies all around to the jig saw puzzle
Aficionados) derived from some old assumptions I had in my head such as ‘life can only come from life (life can’t be generated out of nothing,’ evolution evolves into phases of “higher” life forms, complexity follows simplicity, effects follow consequences, and reactions follow stimuli), etc.

Super Intelligence is only capable of creating “lower” abstractions from a
“superior” starting point.

In my keenest way of processing, I wrote down some of my thoughts, in order to
place reason & logic behind my affections; after observations & then denoting them, I concluded that finite life can give life to others to have life-I wanted to insure as much as possible, that the research wasn’t bogus or did we have another child genius on our hands (he has the initials of Stephen Hawking)?

Old assumptions & belief systems die hard! Additionally, there is a theological undertow sweeping under our feet that may be a key to open up our metaphysical knowledge that the concept of “life” may have multi-dimensional meaning of many gradations, a host of meanings in individual minds, & perhaps the most effective way to understand this concept is in an incremental way. Within the Natural Systems, all of the life-birthing constituencies are there…evolving or finishing a cycle.

A distant etymological cousin to vivify is the word vivisection; this is where a living animal is operated on while alive to remove some form of the body for medical research. I thought this operation (this appellation), without any other contextual benchmarks, might make one physically or psychically ill. And for that, I’m not sure they yet have a pill.
Thinking of – Systems in which we live, and as holistic organisms found acting in an omni-time reaction, 24/7 operation: operating completely as interactively & independently.

Here are some other areas one can look at for the finite giving life to the finite:
• A cell divides-life births life
• A sperm unites with an egg-life is born
• A scattering barrage of atoms (causes energy exchanges-some small, some large
• The nutrients, vitamins of earth’s soul/soil/humus/water/fertilizer gives off life & light in the Natural System’s blooms & grows

According to Webster’s there exists two denotative meanings; for the word
vivify: 1) To inspire another living being, 2) Aspiring to live surrounded by the more life-generating attributes, as you can, aspiration leads to animation, i.e., “to animate;” to act, to move to work, to play, to pray, to recreate, to create.

Since one may posit that some degree of an “eternal” lives in the Solar Plexus of each life & behaviors, and that life can be seen as qualitative or as quantitative; respectively this might be verbalized “I’ve got a good life (qualitatively);” or speaking with someone in Hospice, “How much life do you think you have left?” (quantitively).

This life includes inherent & internal residency, of place of coming & going…then one could conclude: “I am animated with life, a life that never totally ends, continuously, an equal co-partnership, with each party carrying their own responsibility for her life, and his for his. At the end of the day, as a choosing-voiced identity\I choose, I act. Every qualitative life is a result of saying “yes” to life, again & again, over & over, then…

©Christopher Bear-Beam May 9, 2016

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