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Correction to earlier blog, March 26, 2016 on Celeste De Luna

In haste to get a number of blogs online earlier today, I inadvertently failed to give Ms. Celeste De Luna’s contact information, in case anyone would like to go to her website, or contact her by email. Sorry to our readers and Celeste De Luna.

Celeste De Luna, Painter & Printmaker
Instagram: instagram@celestedelunaart


As many of you know, I’m a student of General Semantics (GS); GS is predicated & based objective facts, in a scientific manner, of people or objects surrounding us in our environments.

If our meanings deny a shared experience of words & meanings of those words, we risk falling off the table with some hard consequences that may put bumps on our asses, and scrapes on our arms.

Two teams try to jockey a way into a mature estimation of surrounding life-environs: fact & truth. How may we compare the two?

Essentially, facts symbolize provable-people, places or things, we can observe, over time, within our environments. For example, if wake up at sunrise for a couple of month’s worth of days, to view the sun rising, which I’ve observed over two months, I consider it a “fact of life.” Wouldn’t it also be a “truth of life?”

If an event happens that can’t be factually assessed, measured or observed, then the event may have simultaneous expression in other, sensing-empirical environments.

A truth, at least to me, appears to be more nuanced, almost with varied nuances, yet there is also a universality that’s a spin-off of something defined as “truthful.” Truth may be shared with many listeners, at a time of significant, kronos time (a “tipping point” time significant to many others or even a few others), by the suggesting images of the meaning of “truth” in a person’s perceptual apprehension.

One seeking to understand truth a little better must have an experiential immersion (sort of like one way of learning a new language), in a partnering, collaborating mindset, with the reality of a truth in their own nature.

Another important consideration of the term “truth” is that we can never accurately say that we’re looking for “the Truth,” capital T; the meaning of truth in its acceptance within a human mind, is personified by as many who seek its meaning. It’s individualized & the truth may find expression in diverse personalities as they communicate with others on the subject of “truth.” The communication of truth is carried by different personalities, so this effects the rhetorical style, too.

A religious group uses a series of sacramental check-lists, dogmatizes (not necessarily an “evil”) & canonizes them and these concepts change their nature (metaphorically in our minds) so the “living truth” (as we no doubt see it) for adherents of the group: a glimpse of truth is an insight around the verities & certitudes of processes that open to our eyes, as universal & habitual choices of living by the highest, most transcendental axioms that effect outcomes, in other words, the stimuli & reaction engagements of sentient life!

©Christopher Bear-Beam March 17, 2016-Saint Paddy’s Day!


FEAR! We all have it, we got bit together on this one-now we fear everything under Sophia’s sun, or so it seems.
Fear of death, fear of germs, fear of the bill collector, fear of not having enough money to pay this month’s rent, fear of tornados, hurricanes, loud noises, airplanes flying over one’s head, fear of penny arcades, fear of people who don’t dress or look like us, fear of violence, fear of guns, fear of foreigners, etc.

These and others comprise our “fears list.”
I just finished re-reading H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds (after first reading it about 30-40 years ago). The story takes place in England. Martians have invaded England, arriving in a crescendo of fire & smoke, after being sent crashing through space in metal cylinders; they use a heat-ray gun to scorch whatever gets in their way.

They spit out black clouds of smoke, an eerie, greenish light, gas & finally some agent that causes a nasty red weed to over-multiply and slither through the land nourished by water. The weed sucks away life-giving energy from the earth.

As you may imagine, populations in the region of the attack tightened up quickly with va-clempt with days of shock & awe never before seen-an attack on this great European nation.

Fear, chaos & confusion run rampant, people board themselves up in their homes hoping to escape, or gather some items & begin to simply draw along a line towards London; survivalist instincts come to fore in people’s behavior; the back of the line pushes, and stampedes the others in front, where many got trampled & killed.

With such fear in people’s hearts, they couldn’t think clearly in order to pre-meditate a plan to escape; inside & outside they demonstrated the “survivalist” that quickly conditions itself for self-preservation.

Of course, this example taken from The War of the Worlds, is a particularly horrendous & dramatic event, or series of events, where fear & terror ran, flooding people’s hearts, minds & bodies; almost seeming like a direct, knee-jerk response from the stimuli of a Martian attack, this engendered an exponential amount of fear.

Thankfully, however, most humans will never experience this kind of “Martian” disaster!

Each of us may have a number of fears of which we’re presently aware; when fear arises, what do we do with it? How do we keep our course when our minds are filled with many fears of many things? How can we by
We have several options: we can deny it, ridicule it, stuff it down into our unconscious, or obsessively think about it in endless, vicious circles; they key here is not to allow fear to possess any part of us, thereby letting it control us at both the unconscious and conscious levels of our minds.

How may we invite fear into our consciousness? When it comes up, then we can more & more calmly turn towards our fears and face them; we can breathe in & out, as we feel fear slithering back towards us; repeating, as it presents itself, think of its cause, effects, consequences and auxiliary conditioning that fear offers. What’s our pay-off for remaining fearful-we have to be getting something out of it, for us to return to it again and again. Then, what would be our pay-off for being fearless?

Somehow fear gets through, tricks us, deceptively seduces us, and gets us thinking that whatever may cause us to fear something, will primarily cause us to think like a “survivalist” & or “escapist” just like a baby just birthed wonders how she will survive outside her mama. This is our humanistic wound from birth-our original fear.

“Please, please, let me out of this frozen-food locker! I’m freezing to death, so sloooooooooooow waaaaaaaaaaaaay doooooooooooooown,
Yes, I may die here, but now my fear is gone! I’m more concerned about all the lives on this planet; I will do all in my power to provide each one of them the necessities to stay alive! And that includes me staying alive!
Fear is one of the greatest adversaries anyone could ever have. Fear’s synonym means False Evidence Appearing Real!

You may have gotten traumatized when you had only reached a fairly young age=now you have issues around trust, sexual trauma, abandonment, forgiveness, just actions & compassionate coils of love for all! Unknown fears grip your life at times.

If we learn to sit with our fears, letting them come & go, without obsessing about them, then we may receive the true gift of sight-to see into people’s hearts, because s/he has looked into her own heart & mi

We may still be in the same position when we first employed empathic compassion as the survivors in The War of the Worlds themselves in; even when they rose above the Martians’ accidental destruction, one arising due to a lack of understanding of our ecosphere, brought death on themselves without the healthy fear of self-preservation=NEW LIFE FOR HUMAN BEINGS!

©Christopher Bear-Beam March 16, 2016


OK, that’s it. Stop. Think. After Donald Trump’s recent interviews in nation-wide media outlets, not disavowing his relationship with David Duke, the outspoken, “once-a-candidate,” KKK member, makes Trump, in the words of one journalist, “unelectable.” Duke has endorsed Trump for the Presidency.
If we haven’t had a fairly militant, or passionate response to the even the possibility (as I write this it’s Super Tuesday) that Trump could be the Republican front-runner, and maybe President. I don’t know about you, but this causes shivers to run up & down my spine.

It’s curious to me that reports are so conflicting over this issue. He tells one interviewer he doesn’t know Duke, but, please, have you been alive for the last decade, living on this planet, and don’t know who David Duke is & what he advocates for (hate& violence) in his apparent new role as the “pied piper.”

I’ve wondered to myself, what are the conditioning factors of a person like Donald Trump? How does one getto be so unaware of her own behavior (I’m not a mind reader so I don’t really know), in Trump’s case, his ownpolitical & rhetorical style is raw, blunt, emotion-stirring& driven, biased, based on his own inferences not fact, some might say abusive (he turned to an audience member at one his rallies, and asked her if she was Mexican), and certainly race-baiting.

Another factor about Donald Trump is that he’s got a good case of narcissism and “big headedness.” Glenda Blair has written a book about the Trump family. David Margolick, reviews the book in the New York Times Book Section, December 3, 2000. At Donald Trump’s father’s funeral in the late Nineties, Trump showed his self absorption, having little to say about his father:

Appalling, perhaps. But astonishing? Astonishing to whom? Surely not to anyone who’s followed the career of Donald Trump — which is to say, virtually everyone. No one can doubt he has done remarkable things. But not content to let the facts speak for themselves, he has been breathtakingly, unabashedly, unceasingly immodest. Whether one credits all of his superlatives he spreads around — the ”biggest” and ”greatest” this, the ”richest” and ”sexiest” that — few would dispute his stranglehold on the one title he has never claimed: the most swollen swelled head on earth. He has plastered his name on everything: hotels, apartment buildings, casinos, an airline, a yacht, a quiz show, a bicycle race, golf courses and even a board game (lowest denomination, $10 million, and guess whose smiling face is on every bill). He is forever flaunting beautiful women on his arm, always with a smugness suggesting that they are his just deserts (or desserts).

Watching and listening to Trump, one always has to ask two questions: Could anyone ever really be so full of himself? Or is it all an act? To Blair, the author of ”Almost Golden: Jessica Savitch and the Selling of Television News,” the answers are, essentially, ”Yes” and ”No.” True, Trump knows that his very name is as golden as the facades of his buildings and helped to save him from bankruptcy a decade ago. But that Trump’s conceit has made and kept him wealthy makes it no less genuine; it is a matter of conviction, not tactics. A man who so loves himself does not have much room left for anything or anyone else, which is bad news for Blair. Someone so deeply shallow, so profoundly superficial, yet so painstakingly scrutinized for so long by so many reporters and gossipmongers is not a promising subject to write about — unless, that is, she uncovers something everyone else has managed to miss.

Blair neatly captures Trump’s uncanny business instincts, as well as his competitiveness, chutzpah, cruelty, vulgarity and hucksterism. And she catches him in his lies, or what Trump himself calls ”truthful hyperbole” — inflating the number of floors in his buildings to give each more cachet; hiring bulldozers to go back and forth uselessly outside a casino site to give potential partners the illusion of activity; boasting of paying cash — $8 million of it — for his Palm Beach pleasure dome, Mar-a-Lago, when he’d actually put down only $2,811 of his own money. She also reintroduces us to Ivana Winklmayr, the beauty from Czechoslovakia whom Trump married in 1977. It was Ivana who gave Trump his first three children and his most enduring nickname — The Donald — only to be traded in, a dozen years later, for a younger and more pliable model named Marla Maples.

Margolick uses Trump’s own, interesting term when He references the term “truthful hyperbole.” Trump appears to use the over-inflated statements & opinions of a New York street punk, and the logic of a jackass; I’ve found very few statements he’s made that mention any source or reference making his political & rhetorical points. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that if you have a serious “narcissism” problem, it’s like a chronic & terminal eye disease, and very easily may lead to, or trigger, pathology, or “false to facts” reasoning.

Another little-known fact is that Trump’s father was a known sympathizer & associate of the KKK. In 1927, Fred Trump was arrested in New York for a melee between police & the KKK; a number of people were wounded in the disturbance, and Trump was thrown in jail.

I’m actually glad that Trump is the Republican candidate who must be beat at this point! Why? Trump is the ex officio example of a politician (saying he really isn’t the “average” politician) who doesn’t care about what people think about his blatantly racist remarks & behaviors, nor his form of dishing out a neoconservative & racist message. He has done his part to graphically display the ultimate contrast to Social Justice. We thank you, Donald.

The other piece of this is that it’s brought out the racism, exceptionalism, & ignorance of many people in this nation; racism has never left-it returns in a multi-display of costumes and clown outfits over a number of generations, and really since the founding of the nation & prior to that as well. The reason so many people are responding to Trump is fear. They’re afraid of American Whites not being the majority demographic in American culture & politics. Sorry folks, you can’t change what’s already happened, and it’s moral & rational foolishness to attempt the idea to try to go back in time, to a lesser state of social consciousness, to a lesser state of continuous abuse of Civil Rights .

A topic for another time is fundamentalist or conservative co-dependency on bigoted politicians.

As it has often been said, if we refuse to learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it. When Trump moved from being the entertaining clown (incidentally, he loved playing the “class clown” role in school) among the Republicans, to being the iconic spokesman for racism, bias, & bigotry; he moved into the realm of danger for the human rights & civil rights of all Americans. Because this is the arena where ideology & power meet and do their work of attempting to influence the thought processes of human beings, in their own behalf, with their political agenda.

Between now & the election, will you choose to be an insurgent against Donald Trump, using whatever your wisdom & skills tell you what to do? Time is short. Let’s find our space to act!

©Christopher Bear-Beam March 1, 2016