A question of Human Rights: the Armenian genocide

The quote that I’ll use as an essential balance beam in this essay is taken from Victoria Lee Erickson & Michelle Lim Jones. (Eds.). (2000). Surviving Terror: Hope & Justice in a World of Violence. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press.

The chance reading one day, from an anthology of authors, gleaned this quote from the author who wrote the chapter (Self-Denial for Racists and Their Victims in Japan: A Homily, Andrew Sung Park, pp.277-284). The question asked on p. 281 is: “Why is it that people wish their own people to be treated well in other countries while discriminating against other ethnic groups within their own countries.” (p. 281).

Another question ought to be, “Why is this central ethnological issue not fathomed or understood?” If it isn’t it should be. Why are the many wealthy & elite people, who live throughout many nations around the world, proclaiming themselves as the new Soul Patrol? Why are their glasses so thick that they can’t see their own short-sightedness, even though, to so many outsiders, they’re as plain as day?

In some cases, some nations and/or leaders have the right to treat others in a superior fashion; other ethnicities’ cultures seem to be workers in a sublimated work place.

Privilege, a word borrowed from the old Latin means an exceptional law made in favor or against any individual (Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, 1996). In a system where you find wealth & privilege, the privileged ones make themselves the law that controls, governs, & disseminates the knowledge of the common fund of knowledge, to the thirsty ones, or at least so they think.

There are factors that elucidate more of the dynamics in terms of the paradox of the situation where the same nation cries & protests about insuring that all of its citizens are treated well & equably in another country, while discriminating against another minority or sect inside their own country.

Perhaps the reader will investigate more into the power bosses creating a cartel, as they dive below, staying out of the picture, & instruct their lieutenants how to set up this kind of sprawling, over-arching system and give them the charge: “Go hunting!”

They lit out of there like greased lightning, scattering to all of the galaxy’s nether regions, and to all who are closer as well.

These were younger dawgs, and from their mouths slobbering saliva down their putty-pimply-formed faces—it’s falling like Utah snow at sunrise; by the way, let’s use some of that goo to season the eggs. You dig? Stiff upper lip and all.

The world is perceived through all of our combined & exponentially increasing six senses. This is the world of sensing & feeling, & apprehending. The un-visible. The comparative, empirical world.

The most prominent way of human perception, bravo, with the capacity to build bridges into new mausoleums being constructed near Hennessey Field. I wouldn’t shit you on this! They were scheduled to participate in the ground-breaking, less than a month from today.

Any group of people will practice a wide-span of customs; today, she’s offered me one of the “Tommy Dolls” abetting her to find this castle of sand stone & clay, then molding a model to use.

Our territories have bent over from the waist & bowed the traditional bow of respect (hands & fingers together, pointed up like a steeple on a church, a human triangle, in front of the chest, then bowing). Not dissing respect for all sentient & non-sentient life on the planet.

She scans the cultural-ethnographic landscape & she can find nothing left of her own people & sacred lands. Same as if they were sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner.

Case Study: The Armenian Genocide: Genocide or mismanagement by the Turkish government?

2015 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide. At this point in time Turkey (the perpetrators) stands intransigent in its denial of the Armenian genocide.
The Turkish government lobby has spent millions of dollars to influence U.S. legislation and to inject their “denier” mentality into the American psyche; “deniers” often believe that the genocide was contrived and shouldn’t be called a “genocide” as an historical incidence.

Included in this denial are a group of academics & scholars who side with the Turkish proposition; they, too, are considered to be “deniers” as well. They project their fallacious & fact-less arguments through teaching, writing books, & through speaking engagements.

The Turkish lobby has been “…financed by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the government of Turkey who promotes the denial of the Armenian genocide” (David Holthous, The Intelligence Report. (2008). State of Denial).

The Jewish author, teacher & activist, Elie Wiesel “has repeatedly called Turkey’s ninety year old campaign to cover up the Armenian genocide a double killing, since it strives to kill the memory of the original atrocities” (Ibid., p. 51) as well.

Both Turkish officials and others have obfuscated the historical & factual basis for a genocide against a small minority of Armenians. It’s also a defense mechanism: the collective defends itself against an outside threat, as well as colluding with the U.S. government & its allies, continuing to massage this process.

This is a very similar response from those white, North American Christians who managed the Native American Residential School movement beginning in the eighteen hundreds up until the nineteen fifties (or even later). These administrators attempted to remove any vestiges of Native American thinking, ways of seeing the universe, consciousness, cultural customs, & language among the students.

The purpose of all of this, in their minds, was to strip down Native American youth of any image of the American Indian way, and the Native American. Once the image of whiteness was thoroughly embedded in their minds, bodies, and spirits, almost any image of the Native American persona/culture was eradicated. Of course, not everyone who tried to ‘go along to get along,’ actually did this. Some ran away from the schools, some were abused by guards at the school, some went through the process of un-sanity until they decided to take their own lives. Since all the students were young and inexperienced, they could usually be manipulated by the dominant power in this evil experiment.

The similarities end about here. Turkey has amassed an arsenal of political & academic methods (including the use of websites and other digital devices) that insist on Turkey’s repudiation of the Armenian slaughter—anywhere from one million to one-and-a-half million Armenians were killed & massacred; many of these were women & children, who died “the slaughter of the innocents” death.

Turkey is no different than any other nation. It appears to have an extra measure of obstinacy to even acknowledge its factual & statistical memory that is the second part of the “double killing.” To try to destroy even the memory & consciousness of a horrific event such as the Armenian genocide. They want even the image deleted altogether, this along with their persistent need for dominance.

Is this really a rational & scientific function–the killing off of the bodies, the consciousness, & communal, inner spirits of self-reflection? One of the few answers in this fierce opposition to “an Armenian genocide” by the Turkish government has been: thus, also acting like a back door salesperson—Turkey’s campaign to deny the genocide is supported by its twenty-two ally nations. They are relentlessly stubborn in their ‘zeal without knowledge.’ Everywhere in the universe, the light always defeats darkness.

The perpetration of the genocide was to march the Armenians into the desert, and massacre them as a people; interesting note: what was their reasoning to take them to faraway places, thus, killing them outside of where they normally resided, worked & played?

One given in this kind of situation is using the ‘fine because mine’ philosophy that’s often used by bullies. Within the boundaries of their own nation, Turkey discriminated against the Armenians, but also took it a step farther; no doubt there were still some Armenians who continued to live & work within Turkey during this entire period.

On the other hand, Turkey would no doubt protest the wholesale persecution of their citizens living in another country. They probably would be vehement about this, because they, like most other humans, believe in the ‘fine because mine’ ideology. Why not attack others, not us, because we’re superior to the Armenians in every way? We’re law-abiding citizens, not low-life’s like they are. It’s Turkey that controls the moral compass.

One other task of any genocide-serving government is to indoctrinate people, who are mainly neutral in the conflict, use ‘divide & conquer’ tactics, and to raise the consciousness [as they would see it] about how the Armenians can’t be categorized as human, so what difference does it make if we “genocidedly” disappear them from our nation? None whatsoever! The atrocities will be kept hidden secretly & covertly, so the events won’t be seen on the larger stage of life. Most people aren’t concerned about terrorizing events across the ocean, or on another continent.

Power & control is another salient issue at hand. Many Turkish people are still afraid that the Armenians will rise up to take revenge. What better use of power imbalance & coercive control=then for those who lived & worked in Turkey, it’s possible to use punitive and penal measures to silence and lock away a human existence, or transfer the targeted group to internment camps, where they’re made to live like animals (to remind them that’s what they are, right?) For Turkish leaders there appears to be a kind of covert bias, overt bias & discrimination, or “We run the country, and, by God, we’ll decide who can work here, & who can’t, as well as what wages they’ll receive for their work.”

©Christopher Bear-Beam May 20, 2015

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