The Internalization of Oneness

It’s May, but here the heat isn’t yet unbearable
with the heads of metaphoried madness we travel
to Pedernales Falls , Texas to experience its exquisite,
organic beauty.

As we walked down the path to reach one of the
falls that emboss this state park, along with dogs’ friendly barks,
shortly before we got to the falls\as we walked, hip-joined in love,
I notice a large, uprooted tree, sporting a gangly mess of roots, bark,
twisted and gnarly branches and vines—there in the middle
of the tree’s upturned base, is a stone about two feet by
length, and about half that amount for its width.

As I stared at this sight, I wanted some really bad ass
insight as to why this might have happened. Why would a
stone, pushed by external forces or not, lodge itself in the bottom
base of our unmoored friend of the non-footed kind?

Their strangeness of partnering, though they have so
very different elements that compose their make-up,
Yet for whatever weird and random energies, they
find themselves in the middle of local land crisis,
maybe some of the programs at the park are dis-
continued, or who knows what, but please this
has nothing to do with administering the state park in order
to give vibrant, environmental life and to monitor the levels
of human and natural interaction within the notion of

Later as I drew this natural anomaly on my sketch pad,
The image which kept flowing within me like a warm and
Low dose of eclectic and electric energy. I clearly saw that
I was going to draw three eyes in the piece. One signifies
The Third Eye that represents spiritual knowing, percept-
Ion, intuition, and an open heart to the spirit.

If I’m correct The Third Eye is what we can choose to ally
Ourselves with, but from a reflection of my drawing, it
Appears as though The Third Eye has hidden itself; of
Course, I am only conjecturing in my own mind.

As I stand looking at the catastrophe with my own two
Eyes plus a brain, the paradox of the stone with the wood,
And how so much of the natural world is simply a mystery
And very mystical. Toppled over, and decaying together in the
Decay Stage 3 where the stone and the wood
Have gotten acquainted and now feel the intern-
alization of their oneness.

Paradoxes can teach many things; how we often re-
spond is with “knee jerk” responses, or “parroted” explanations
to others about what we think we know
Paradoxes assist us in arriving at something that may seem very opposite
Of what we always thought and said\paradoxes are
Messengers that cause to think critically, and then
To ask ourselves if our belief systems are 100% based on fact. Are they myth or fact? Do we listen to our inner spirit, and what does that mean for each of us? Are we in denial as it relates to ourselves?
Ask the hard questions of yourselves.
© Christopher Bear-Beam May 17, 2014 (momma’s BDAY!)

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