They stare at the Airport TV, Obama is doing a press conference—his voice fades off, but I did pick up something about, if we the American people, can’t change, or are resistant to change, or refuse to change, whatever, in 10 years half of the earth will be like char boiled/crispy chicken (oh, so you want to play the race card: not me brother, and Obama ended with the notion that we have the spirit to do this job (he was a community organizer, remember?). I don’t know if this thought crossed his mind, but The Great Spirit knows that once troubled hearts, our deepest cravings and our deepest of the English High Tassel will be covered (you don’t really care about this privileged & elite shit, do you?) I sure don’t, and I want to see that changed in the next cultural, consciousness raising—if there are finances involved, bail, etc. the government won’t pay them back on your account. That’s just the way life be.
© Christopher Bear-Beam May 18, 2014

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