I’ve heard of her before—in a way she was a Robin Hood, female mode
The word on the street was she’d go somewhere, like Congress
Street, draw a crowd, and do some alchemic magic that always birthed
more poetry in human hearts & minds

One time she walked into the Texas State Capital Building, and straight
Into a meeting of the Texas Legislature. She climbed up on the dias,
speaking in a fairly loud volume, “I am Poetica. I’m sure that the news
of my coming has not gone unnoticed by you.”

Suddenly a fire & a flower jumped into her hand, so they (the Legisla-
ters) would act as eye witnesses, she had done this marvelous act, it’s
notarized and locked up in some cheap-ass filing drawer in a State

Without a pause, Poetica began to let balloons fly! They flew up to
The Capital dome, and when they reached the top, the balloons in
Some magical move, she shaking her booty into position, do it!

Everyone sees the words and they form part of a poem:
Is snickering another word for walking?
As the good bandida, eating a Snicker’s & snickering at something
She found funny, made her way to the barn, none of the animals
Were home, but taking recess in the shade.

This stanza showed up on a blinking red sign of a pizza shop—how’s that
for ending on a good note?

On the street, just outside retail stores, office buildings, bus stops,
people riding bikes, and ordinary folks just hangin’ out on South
Congress with the Collective.

This heterogeneous crowd were all looking at the blinking sign even
though it was broad daylight.

Poetica asked angels to fly, walk or jog through the crowd, and to
try and get a sense of what the poem might have meant for each
person there\Everyone can dream-travel in our old stuffed chair.

When the angels returned from their mission, along with their
report, Cpt. Jarvis stood up tall, saluted the Commanding Officer.
“Sir, may I communicate a key fact at this point?” The judge
charged, “Councilor, please approach the bench.”

“Your honor, I have a report based on the last month of collecting data.
We’ve concluded that no one, I said no one, was culpable, and no one
was categorized as the Ring Leader or thought to take that role as
as King Franco was sick, but his designate is a prime mover in stirring
up sedition against the NCCBaBa (please don’t ask me what those
letters each stand for?). I just work here. I’m just a fucking klutz
when it comes to memorization.

Poetica runs to his side as soon as he said that shit about himself. “In
no way are you, or is any other human being “shit.” This is just the
play toy of projecting-minds—onto others they see on a daily basis.
Always remember that the derogatory, put down voice was one of this
person’s biggest concerns. He thought he’d finished his growing in
high school but you can’t cramp Nature, can you?

Frozen or splintered expectations\they hurt just like the sliver
that is being non-cooperative, pains like getting the sweet gift of
another anus (1+1=2); shit, I need that like another orifice in my
head, better off dead; if it’s winter let Yauser pull the cadaver
sled, with me dead on it, laid out, gently push it onto the ice at
the shore, it will hunt full-bore/tonight we conclude this enemy
with a Poetica trademark ™ Cornish hens base with e-lite pumpkin

We all “ood” & “ahd” Poetica as being the brightest star—Creative
Spirit Poet of this grand universe!

Wherever Poetica went, she was the “happening” (old slang term from
the Sixties).

© Christopher Bear-Beam

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