Some good signs showing that Hate Groups are decreasing in percentages

The Spring, 2014 issue of the Intelligence Report is hot off the press. Whereas else in Austin’s Internet World can you obtain a report of the specter of hate groups presence in the U.S. today? Only at“Some good signs showing Hate Groups have decreased in percentage”> My topic is Conflict Resolution and the existence of Hate Groups is definitely a chaotic, confusing obstruction that oftentimes provides societal, familial, and law enforcement dynamics to preserving the peace in our culture.
One way of doing this is by utilizing a preventative model within any given community, local or statewide or national. Fleshing this out, if we know where Hate Groups are based, we can do more actions that are democratic, bias-free, and factually-based,.within the communities or regions where they spread their hate; this is like an immunization process where a virus is stopped in its tracks by the introduction of a vaccine that effectively immunizes the virus of racism and hate groups, metaphorically, (not individuals within the groups, unless in the process of their hateful terrorism they break the law), but the meaning and mission of any specific group.

This issue of the IR writes about the increase of Patriot Groups (more specific definition will be given below). This doesn’t mean that all of these Patriot Groups are avowed racists or teach a racist doctrine; however, they are genuinely oppositional to government laws, regulations, and guidelines, and, thus, are separatist in terms of their relationship with any government; this is because many Hate Groups fear the demographic change of European Americans to a lesser percent of the country’s citizens. People of Color have increased and estimates tell us that by 2043, European Americans will no longer be the majority percentage in terms of population.

The IR used a number of categories of Hate Groups: Ku Klux Clan, Neo-Nazi, White Nationalist, Racist Skinhead, Christian identity, Black Separatists, Neo-Confederate, and General Hate decade, the composition of the hate movement has changed. The percentage of Klan and Neo-Nazi hate groups has dipped, while the share of racist Skinhead crews has grown. The Neo-Confederate movement has fallen, while Christian Identity has remained static. Rising anti-muslim and anti-LGBT sentiment has contributed to considerable growth in the general hate category.” (p. 48)

Now let’s narrow our focus to Texas: In 2013 Texas was second just under California with the most Hate Groups (57 Hate Groups).
Note the breakdown in Groups and where they’re based in Texas:

KKK—Although black Americans have typically been the Klan’s primary target, it has also attacked Jews, immigrants, homosexuals, and Catholics
Crusader Knights of the Ku Klux Clan—Dekalb,TX
Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Gatesville,TX
Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Texas
New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Dallas, Longview, TX
Order of the Confederate Brother Knights of the Ku Klux Clan—Texas
Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Bryan, Greensville, Houston, Lone Oak, Mt. Pleasant, Waco (all in Texas)
United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Texas
United White Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Omaha, Abilene, Beaumont, New Braunfels (all in Texas)
White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Clan-Cleveland and Pasadena, TX

Neo-Nazi:these groups have a “cardinal enemy” in the Jews and an admiration of Adolf Hitler; hate for other people of color groups, homosexuals, and even sometimes Christians:
American Nazi Party-Texas
The Creativity Alliance-Texas
The Creativity Movement-Mt. Vernon, TX
National Socialist Freedom Movement—Texas
American Freedom Party-Granbury, TX
Aryan Wear-Keller, TX, TX
Council of Conservative Citizens-Grandbury, TX
The White Network-Kerrville, TX
White Student Union of Tarrant County-Hills, TX

Racist Skinhead: Skinheads form one of the most violent pieces of the white supremacist movement, sometimes viewed as the “shock troops” for the hoped for White Supremacist Revolution; skinheads typically are arrayed in: shaved-heads, black boots with red laces, jeans with suspenders, and a bevy of racist tattoos; they archetypically are not static but are migratory:
Blood and Honour U.S.A.-Richardson, TX
Die Auserwahlten-Texas
Lone Star United-Dallas/Fort Worth/Houston, TX
Vinelanders-Arlington, TX

Black Separatist: these groups may have ideologies that include tenets of racially based hatred; typically, they advocate for separate institutions—even a separate nation—for African Americans
National Black Foot Soldier Network-Dallas, TX
Nation of Islam-Austin/Dallas/Fort Worth/Houston, TX
New Black Panther Party-Dallas and Houston, TX

Christian Identity: These groups believe that the Jews aren’t the chosen ones, but that whites are the New Israelites; Basically they depict Jews as biologically descended from Satan, while non-whites are the “soulless mud people:
First Century Christian Ministries-The Woodlands,TX
Holy Order Ministry-De Kalb, TX
United Identity Church of Christ-Simms, TX

Neo-Confederate:these groups go to far more extremes than merely celebrating traditional southern culture; they embrace racist attitudes towards African Americans and white separatism; many groups seek to revive some of the racist principles of the antebellum south:
League of the South-LaPorte, TX
Southern National Congress-Texas

General Hate: these organizations are sub-divided into anti-LBLT, anti-immigrant, Holocaust denial, racist music, and radical, traditionalist Catholic groups:
Desastrious Records (Racist Music)-Springtown, TX
Power of Prophecy-Austin, TX
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries-Texarkana, TX

Active ‘Patriot’ Groups: 1,096 ‘Patriot’ groups in 2013; 240 of these groups were militias; generally, these groups pose themselves to be opposed to the New World Order; they engage in groundless, non-factual conspiracy theorizing, or adhere to extreme anti-government doctrines. “Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist.” (p. 54) There are 67 such groups in Texas:
Brave New Books-Austin, TX, TX
Oak Keepers-Austin/Houston, TX
Rule of Law Radio-Austin, TX
Tenth Amendment Center-Texas, Williamson County, TX
The Texas Militia-Abilene/Amarillo/Austin/Beaumont/Bryan/Conroe/Corpus Christi/Dallas/ElPaso/Houston/Huntington/Hurst/Laredo/Lubbock/McAllen/Midland/Mt.Pleasant/San Antonio/Tyler/Waco, TX

Please check out the resources available from the Southern Poverty Law Center ( Educate yourself about these Hate Groups and movements; if there are other groups in your community, who have similar interests as yours, try to collaborate to do some “immunizing and preventative” activities or events to help insure that there is no vacuum left in the face of a Hate Group operating in your area.

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