Hey dudes: this is Bear and I wanted to share with you another site where you can find my blogs on Conflict Resolution; since our world, our region, our state or province, our city, our town, our burrough, our community, and our hood is often the site of much conflict; Conflict Resolution needs to put out there in digital land so more people have access to some ideas, practices, strategies, notions and experiences of others who have found some workable ways to resolve conflict.

I think we should first consider resolving conflicts within ourselves.  This means getting playful and creative with yourself.  It means loving yourself enough that you want to help yourself to change so you can resolve your own issues.  It means first of all reconciling with yourself (another name for healing perhaps?), and perhaps then we can involve our commitments, hard work, and playful times in the direction of creating less conflict on the planet.

My advice is to find ways to resolve conflicts within yourself.  Start here.  There are no formulas, since it’s your journey, and only you can find that path for yourself.  Observe life; talk about the topic; use the Internet as a free resource.  Above all, do some self-reflection; write in a journal, use the Arts to express your meanings; all of these are very therapeutic anyway, but if you are intentional about it, you may be surprised at the outcomes.

Give me feedback by leaving comments here.  I really am interested in what you are doing in this area of resolving conflicts within your own internal place of love.



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