Austin VA Resources for Vets Who May Have Financial, Medical, and Mental Health Conflicts

When you say the words “military” or “war” many folks react with distinct mistrust or anger, or in other ways. Of course, many support the military, perhaps to a fault. This writer was very much in the former camp for a long time, but seeing changes the military has made offers this journalist hope. I’m a Vietnam Era Vet.

When Vets returned from Vietnam and now Afghanistan or Iraq, they often don’t feel accepted. This may simply be an anxious mood of not belonging or feeling separation from everyone else around them. They may have many conflicts within themselves and perhaps with rest of society. What can they do to seek resolution to some of the conflicts they encounter.

There’s a number of good resources available. Some of the ones this writer will list are online, some are local, and some may be contacted by phone. so check out the website to see if you are eligible for their services. This website is the City of Austin’s way of helping Vets. It’s Austin’s way of giving back to Vets who have made many sacrifices; a collaboration with the VA, supporting military families. They offer a number of helpful resources:

A comprehensive website for various issues that Austin’s homeless and non-homeless Vets have on a daily basis.–resources for many different needs. (Texas Veteran’s Commission in Austin) offers many services to Vets. Email:

Mental Health Clinic (MHC):
Outpatient mental health services are offered at the Austin, Temple, and Waco facilities. The MHCs provide general outpatient mental health services to eligible veterans as well as to family or significant others, adjunctive to the effective treatment of the veteran. Patients’ mental health needs are assessed and treatment planned to meet these individual needs. These services operate in Austin, Temple and Waco.

Vets who find themselves homeless can go to this same location, and seek s support and help from the Homeless Vets Program. It’s on the first floor.

Contact and Location: 101 South I-35
Southgate Building
Austin, TX  78741
Phone: (512) 433-2020 (ext. 52020)

National Vets Suicide Hotline: 1-800-252-VETS(8387).

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